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We haven't met, but I really think we should. I'm a 10+ year design and graphics pro. I've done the corporate 9-5 thing putting in the time learning, navigating and experiencing Fortune 500 companies, creative agencies and smaller direct to consumer business. It's all lead to me to doing my own thing and launching Amber Design. My expertise includes logo, branding, print such as brochures, packaging, magazine ads, and trade show material.

I also deliver engagement driving digital for social, apps and all things web. I want to be your one-stop-shop for all your company's design needs. Your company's success is our success. We will learn and understand your business goals and customer's motivations to help you better sell and promote your products and services. We offer you a wholistic approach.

Staying relevant with industry standards and trends is important while holding on to basic design principles. Our positive, energetic and passionate team will always work to bring you visual solutions to fit your unique needs.

read more › Videre Studios offers outdoor lifestyle landscape photography. Their mission is to inspire exploration of the natural world. They came to me wanting a new logo but being creatives themselves they had an idea of what they wanted along with color. We worked together to create a balanced, modern and timeless logo that combines Mt. Fuji and Videre which means "to see" in Latin. The client gave me Mt. Fuji, Videre which means "to see", some fonts, colors and logos as inspiration and direction for me to begin the modified logo collaboration.

read more › The owner recently decided to go independent and create a wealth management company that doesn't look like your "grandpa's" financial planner. It will be innovative and data driven with a unique white-glove remote service. His office is anywhere in the world and business meetings are where ever's convenient to you. He is building a unique brand based on quality and integrity and wanted a logo that would instill trust and confidence. I researched local and national financial wealth advisors so I could better see how they portray themselves.

read more › CreativeMind offers an elevated personal growth system, developed by Debra Berndt Maldonado and Robert Maldonado, Ph. D., based on the latest research of consciousness, Jungian concepts, time-tested spiritual wisdom traditions, and the new findings in neuroscience. We train life coaches to become their most evolved and extraordinary selves through our transformational psycho-spiritual process and help them live their passion and share their wisdom. CreativeMind's logo lacked balance and needed to feel more empowering, luxurious, inspirational, enlightened and wearable.

read more › WineBid is an online auction website and mobile application platform. They work with consignors and buyers to sell wine online. They offer a white-glove service, top-notch process and quick payment. WineBid wanted my design expertise to help them with some mobile website mockups, marketing collateral and sales materials. WineBid sells wines on their auction platform but need supply on sellers. I worked with the WineBid team to create targeted Facebook add to gather more wine supply. I supplied three directions and landed on this one that was approved through FB's approval software.

read more › Their original logo reminded me of an FM radio logo with the overlapping diamonds. The font was unoriginal, the symbol didn't describe with they do and the colors were lacking luster. When I engage with a client I ask them discovery questions and participate in a logo activity. I ask them to find 5 logos they love and connect with from a business perspective and tell me why then I ask them the same for logos they dislike. I looked up local and national competition to Flannel Media. I made branding observations, noticing color, tone and layout.

read more › NetBlaze is an online and app digital marketing tool for small businesses. The tool helps owners with google rankings, website analysis, social media, reviews and email/text promotions. Their platform UI is intuitive which saves you time and has precise features that target your growing small business needs. They asked me to come onboard to redesign their brand logo, colors, website, tradeshow material and social media. They wanted something more modern and unique. My first job was to create a new logo with colors and fonts then apply the brand to their website.

read more › Brighton Jones is a wealth management company, which helps people navigate through their financial journey. They offer a holistic approach that includes long-term strategy to tax, estate planning, as well as investments. They engaged me for mockups for their new website, sales slicks and infographics. From there we work regularly on white papers, event collateral and interactive worksheets. Brighton Jones was working with a development company and needed a designer to help reach their visual goal.

read more › The J. Wilbur Foods line includes gluten-free barbecue sauces, spice rubs and bloody mary mix flavoring. They are committed to using only the finest ingredients and offering the highest quality products. The owner came to me wanting to improve the shelf recognition. They originally had a two-label system per jar which is more costly and wanted to move to a wrap around label. These are the original labels. They are beautiful but use decoration, colors and fonts that don't make it easy for consumers to read and notice in a sea of other options on a grocery store shelf.

read more › Best Quality Gardens is a company that cultivates and produces premium cannabis since 2016. They sell flower, extracts and joints. Based on their consumers they knew they needed to update their name and rebrand themselves after hitting the market. After much consideration and redirection we went with the DBA of SpadyBud. Together we created a custom logo and packaging. The current name Best Quality Gardens, logo and packaging was not hitting it off with stores, budtenders and consumers. They knew they needed to have a catchier name and more modern logo to gain support from their target audience.

read more › With the passing of another year, this is a great time to reflect on the last year and set goals for the coming year. As a business, we often gauge our success based on fiscal revenue or growth. Did we meet our sales goals? How much growth have we experienced year over year? Do we need to expand, possibly through more employees or through improved logistics? Other times we look at efficiencies and the role they play in our success. Where can we improve processes and systems to better reach our goals?

read more › Your logo is the foundation and center-piece of your brand. It is an investment that you can have for a lifetime. Nailing this important foundational piece is critical. The font(s), symbol, layout, color(s) and tone tell your consumers a lot about your brand. It can say 'friendly' or strong by the color option, it could say what industry you're in by the font choice. Your logo is a first impression about you and your company. It needs to be simple, scalable, appropriate, memorable, and timeless.

read more › Are you a budding designer to be? I vividly remembering being one! Despite being determined and willing to hustle, landing my first job was not an easy task. Looking back I wish I had a mentor give me some simple tips, that may have made it easier to succeed. Here are those tips I wish I knew then. Design your resume, but don't overdo it with icons and personal interests. HR and talent recruiters still like to see a simple resume that they can easily read, which showcases your job experiences, skills and education.

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