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Train Of Thought Train of Thought is Seattle's first integrated graphic design and advertising agency. Founded in 1991, we find uncommon insights that break down barriers, connect the thoughts, and change relationships. We're looking for clients who enjoy strategic disruption and creative connection, who get that smart design is the only effective way for marketing to support sales.

Interactive Creative: We work in minds - yours and ours, thinking together - crafting compelling truths right from the soul of your business. We believe brand foundations rooted in integrity lead to the most successful creative campaigns.

read more › Train of Thought was Seattle's first integrated graphic design and advertising agency. Then we added interactive, creating top-ranking, industry-leading sites. We have helped hundreds of startups, brands, nonprofits, and individuals succeed. We are personal, excellent listeners, and we provide profound insights that define and drive business. We work with a select group of clients, and accept limited new client relationships when the fit is just right. We believe in strategy, original creative, and commitment driving purposeful communications that inspire desire.

read more › We examine and improve the full picture of your branding and marketing communications. Train of Thought specializes in concept-to-launch brand development, and redesigning or optimizing your graphic design, website, and advertising initiatives. We also help your one-off projects shine. We offer three delivery methods for our services: Ongoing, per project, and creative service plans. We can work collaboratively with your team or independently with ours.

read more › Branding is not about creating an image. It's all about creating a visual and verbal identity that is purposeful, true, and memorable. From there, we help you integrate your brand identity through all aspects of your marketing, including websites, advertising, and brand messaging, so you and your team can communicate with purpose, clarity, and the most effective marketing mechanism there is. If branding sounds like a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo, let us handle the heavy lifting. We'll design something that makes real-world sense.

read more › You know your business. We know marketing. When you partner with Train of Thought you will gain a true understanding of how your marketing supports sales. You will also get uncommonly compelling marketing pieces that will increase your prospects while building community around your brand. Our marketing plans are created from scratch for each client. It's a universal truth that most companies do not follow their marketing plans, but Train of Thought clients do, because we give you everything you need to succeed, from education and strategy, to personal plans and comprehensive communications.

read more › Train of Thought has focused on effective print and online advertising since our founding in 1992. Our advertising services are focused exclusively on creating connections between you and your customers with print and web mediums. Since brand positioning and development are also part of our core services, we form particularly unusual connections that make people think, feel, learn and take action. We don't work in perception because perception can change with the wind. We create ideas that change people's reality.

read more › People often don't really "get you" until they see your logo, particularly if your logo engages people by making them think. Take a look at our logo portfolio to see what we mean. You may notice icons that feature multiple meanings. Your logo is the visual cornerstone of your brand that tells people who you are, and does so in an incredibly memorable way. After your name, your logo sets the tone for all the main components of your brand - colors, corporate identity, website - and graces nearly all of your marketing communications.

read more › Advertising copy either connects thoughts and feelings, or it bores holes in brains. There is plenty of the latter in the world. We exclusively write the other kind, copy that changes inner dialogs, and sparks new conversations and relationships. Because here's the thing: Every word counts. One wasted word is an insult to the modern day short attention span. Effective copy makes your marketing count.

read more › Did you know the average consumer sees 30,000 products within 30 minutes of walking into a retail store? That means your package doesn't just have to look pretty or strong. It has to command attention, pull people in, communicate your product's benefits, and entice people to pick it up and decide to buy it. That's a lot to ask! And we're up to the task. All 29,999 of those other packages are fighting for the same attention as your package. You can control only how you present your offering, so the more you take the consumer into consideration, the greater the chances they will connect with your product, trust it, identify with it, and welcome it into their hot little hands.

read more › Train of Thought's Endurance creative service plans are designed for businesses who prefer the ease of continuous creative service at a set rate. Plans are annual, and include a comprehensive set of services, with auto-payment, collaborative project management, and regular updates. Just choose your plan, sign up, and we'll have you up and running within 3 business days. You might love two main things about Endurance: 1) You can call us anytime, make a work request, and not have to worry one bit about cost-you're covered, and 2) You will save $10-60,000 annually.

read more › A custom typeface or type family can give your corporate communications and advertising a completely distinctive look and feel. The fact that it's custom means no other business will have the same type. Custom type is significant for your brand because it helps people recognize and trust all of your marketing communications faster, forging stronger connections at every opportunity. We design each letter of the alphabet, punctuation, numbers and special characters, all based on the character of your company.

read more › Active Branding is the unique process we use to connect with your most important brand messages. It's not just asking questions and noting answers. When you hire Train of Thought for branding, you're working with a team of cutting edge strategists, designers and writers who believe that standard processes yield boring results. We don't do boring, because people don't buy when they're bored. That's why we created Active Branding. It doesn't matter if you're selling paper clips, heavy machinery, chocolate or dog-walking - for every brand, there is a compelling story to be told.

read more › Your brand is you. It's a carefully developed set of characteristics people use to identify and align themselves with your company or product. It's how people know you and how they experience you. Your brand determines whether or not people trust you, your team and your product or service. Your brand is more than your logo, your company, or your customer's perceptions. A brand is a defining experience that is created and refined, a journey of discovery and belief. Your brand should initiate a series of thoughts followed by an emotional connection that leads to a relationship.

read more › Successful branding begins with brand positioning. When you know where your product or service fits in the market, it brings your vision into realistic perspective and helps in making your goals reachable. Brand positioning reveals market potential, aligns your goals with market needs, illuminates budget requirements, identifies true competitors, uncovers professional considerations and credibility factors, and may reveal additional opportunities. It also forms part of the critical foundation of your brand development and marketing.

read more › Brand Profile is our unique formula for quickly pinpointing your existing brand's chances of success. Why is this valuable? A brand profile will quickly illuminate brand strengths and uncover hidden weaknesses, enabling you to strengthen your whole brand in one fell swoop. A brand is only as strong as its weakest link, so we utilize Brand Profile findings to ensure you have no weak links. Brand Profile was born out of our Believe in Your Brand approach, our unique foundational brand development process.

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