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Aurelian Design, a freelance graphic designer and custom map designer near Seattle, is here to help you with professional designs for your marketing materials, products, and websites. I'm Brad Srebnik, a member of AIGA (the American Institute of Graphic Arts), and the owner and graphic designer at Aurelian Design since 2009. I enjoy helping you achieve your marketing goals, and working with you to come up with designs that meet your needs.

I'd be happy to talk to you about your marketing and design requirements, whether it's a logo, map, brochure, an ad, mailer, product package or label, rack card, product sheet, catalog, event booklet, poster, sign, or website. Call me for a free consultation about your upcoming design project. I would be happy to talk to you about your next graphic design project, with no obligation.

Please visit the Contact page to reach Aurelian Design.

read more › Please call Brad Srebnik to discuss your marketing and design requirements. I'd be happy to discuss my process, and explain how I can help you reach your goals. Aurelian Design can design creative and professional marketing materials, at a reasonable price. Aurelian Design is in the Seattle area, but able to work with clients anywhere in the US or Canada. Brad Srebnik started Aurelian Design in 2009 to work with businesses and non-profits to develop creative marketing material at a reasonable price.

read more › I enjoy designing well-organized and eye-catching ads, whether in a modern, or more ornate and traditional style. But before I start to work on designing an ad, we need to discuss who you are marketing to, what your goals are, and what the ad reader's response should be. Then I can work on the visual imagery, and if necessary, edit the text to achieve your goals. I usually start by sketching a few concepts for the ad design and layout. This is much more efficient than designing a complete ad and then finding if it's right for you.

read more › When a customer sees a brochure, booklet, or catalog, something must convince him to read it. It must attract attention and interest immediately through appealing graphics and photography. Let me design marketing materials for you that get noticed and read! Too much text: Except in cases where much detail is needed (e. g., tourist site information, transportation schedules), text should be limited. Flyer-style design: If it looks like it was designed in Word, it will look cheap and unprofessional.

read more › Aurelian Design can make your first impression memorable with a creative and informative business card. The information on a business card varies depending on how it will be distributed, and its intent. Is it primarily for your contact information? To locate your business? To lead someone to your website? Aurelian Design will guide you through the process that leads to an effective business card design. With a design from Aurelian Design, your business card won't be plain and boring! Background images, a professional logo, and good font choices can make your business card stand out, and be remembered and saved.

read more › Need a custom logo design for your business? Let's talk about your company, and how a new logo can uniquely represent it. Contact Aurelian Design to find out why a professionally designed logo is different from what you get from a cheap logo design factory. A logo must symbolize the important aspects of your company or organization, and must be memorable and readable. Developing a good logo requires listening to the requirements and marketing goals of the client, and a process of research, design, and refinement.

read more › Aurelian Design can help make your product stand out with creative and recognizable package designs! 3D prototype images for many designs can also be produced. As people walk quickly past hundreds of products on a store shelf, the first job of a package is to draw attention to a product. A new product must also clearly and legibly say what it is. A hierarchy of text and design elements should be present to force the consumer to see the most important information first. Once a shopper concentrates on your product, the package must make the sale.

read more › Large or small, a sign or banner must quickly grab the attention of the viewer, with appropriate fonts, colors, text and design. And the new feather and teardrop fabric banners are great for getting customers to know about your business. Understanding how a sign will be viewed is critical to making an effective sign. For directional signs or wayfinding, high contrast and solid colors should be used. Font should be easy to read. These signs should have a consistent design and color scheme to aid with recognition and ease of use.

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