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Laura's Design Studio I love brainstorming new ideas. There is something so powerful about a team guiding the evolution of a blank page into an amazing design. Whether it's a new logo, printed marketing materials, or website design - the process is always an exciting adventure. Let me tell you how Laura's Design Studio started. This love of the design process has been the foundation of my 20 year career as an award-winning senior creative.

After graduating with a degree in Advertising, I took on roles as Senior Graphic Designer, Supervisor of Graphic Services, and Art Director. I worked on projects designing packaging and print designs for Nokia in Latin America, corporate communications and training materials, magazine ads, direct mailers, and web banners for an in-house agency.

The next 14 years were spent at Kobie Marketing as a senior creative designing and developing creative strategies, managing a team (designers, copywriters and programmers), and collaborating with clients to deliver targeted creative designs through websites, emails, video, and print for local and national brands.

read more › A great mentor, Wayne Houston, once said You can't put the whole store in the front window. When you do, you can't see anything. At Laura's Design Studio, we like clean, original design. Our team uses the KISS principle: Keep it Simple and Straightforward (bet you thought I wasn't going to say something else, didn't you)? For over 25 years our simple and straightforward approach has produced award-winning designs that our clients and their customer love. Great design is a combination of art and technical knowledge.

read more › Well-designed print materials will stand out and get attention. On the other hand, print materials that look and feel cheap, make your company look exactly like that. Print materials are typically developed to convey a specific message. A business card is meant to make it easy for potential clients to remember and contact you. Sales cards, rack cards, flyers, print ads, etc. are all intended to motivate prospects to contact you for the purpose of buying your product or service. Even in today's age of electronic everything, business cards are still a primary hallmark of your brand.

read more › Your logo design, company colors, business cards, website, product packaging, and other marketing collateral all work together to make your brand memorable to your target market. Great designs can become iconic pieces of art such as the NIKE swish, the FedEX reversed arrow, or the NBC Peacock. These designs define a memorable brand, communicate a message, and cultivate deep customer loyalty. Is your brand unique and consistent? At times new clients come to us with a hodgepodge of clip art logos, generic business cards, and template-based marketing collateral that are either identical or similar to what their competition is using.

read more › Online customers make buying decisions largely based on the visual appeal and content of your website, digital ads, and social network profiles. If you cannot be found or understood, potential clients will move on to your competitors. Is your online presence impressing prospects and converting them into customers? Laura's Design Studio works with companies of all sizes to develop impressive, easy to navigate, and search engine optimized websites. From simple brochure style websites to complex eCommerce sites, we have the design and programming experience to develop custom sites that will position you as a leader in your industry.

read more › With over 25 years of experience in graphic design and the creative side of marketing, the team at Laura's Design Studio provides a broad array of branding services to help business owners drive the success of their business. We work with individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, and mature businesses from small organizations to large global corporations. Our graphic design portfolio is a representation of our work and we can scale our projects to meet most budgets, scope, and timelines. Whether you are looking to fill a one-time project or a need a reliable graphic design team for recurring projects, our studio can meet your needs.

read more › Bragging is not my style. I like to let the work speak for itself. Still, I am proud of the designs I've completed for my clients so I am humbly sharing a few of the awards I've won along the way. At times, it's just me and my client working through a creative process to develop outstanding custom Logo, Website, and Print materials. On larger projects, I lead a team of copywriters, programmers, printers, videographers, and associate graphic designers who contribute to concept development and creation.

read more › Our clients are always telling us "That was easier than I thought it would be" and "Wow, I should have done this sooner". At Laura's Design Studio, we make the design process collaborative and enjoyable. We keep you informed throughout the project and we complete projects on time. While it's true that some complex projects can have a higher price tag, most design projects are very affordable. Plus, when you consider your return on investment, you understand that design projects are a vital part of your client acquisition strategies.

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