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PLS Print New name, same great company. Our community has known us as Precision Litho Service, Inc. since 1984. We've built our reputation as a reliable and service-oriented commercial printing company in Clearwater, Florida. As part of our effort to rebrand our company with a more modern look and feel, we've shortened our name from Precision Litho Service to PLS Print to better convey what we do to the next generation of print buyers, marketers, and business owners.

We still offer all the same great printing capabilities, plus we've added some new services including a more robust graphic design department, a marketing strategy team, list and mail management capabilities, promotional products department, and fulfillment/web storefronts. We are still owned and operated by the same family that started the company in 1984.

PLS Print is a commercial lithographic printing company driven by industry-leading quality standards and providing our customers with digital printing, large format sheetfed printing, and heat-set web printing.

read more › PLS Print has cutting edge technology and decades of experience. But the story began over 100 years ago in Indiana, when a young widow began working in the bindery department of a print shop as the sole provider for her family. When her son, William Blair, came of age, he picked up the trade of a letterpressman and later learned the innovative technology known as offset printing. William printed wartime materials during WWII. He later turned his hard work into an ownership position in the print shop.

read more › We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow. Pam has been in the printing industry since the mid 80's and has been with PLS Print since 2005. She has become an integral part of our team by working hard to not only help her clients but her co-workers too. Her knowledge of the printing industry helped her clients achieve their budgets with added benefits and kept them coming back for more. Pam has recently been promoted to our General Manager position to help us in all aspects of our business.

read more › At PLS Print, our core business has been built on lithographic offset printing, and commonly referred to as conventional, traditional, or commercial printing. This method of printing uses a technique called offset lithography which transfers an image from a plate to a blanket, and then from the blanket to the press sheet. It's the most widely used printing method in the world today for everything that falls into the category of 'ink on paper.' It's popular because it's one of the most cost efficient ways to print large run print jobs.

read more › PLS Print provides high quality communication services and personal service with the purpose of seeing our clients accomplish their communications goals. PLS Print is a multi-generational family printer dedicated to providing the light of Christ to the world through the printed word. We provide discounted and complimentary printing materials to various Christian organizations. Ask us how you can take advantage of this offer. We've spent many years perfecting our craft and working to find out exactly what our customers want and need.

read more › Sales Representatives PLS Print is looking for talented sales representatives to join our team. The core services we offer are printing, direct mail, graphic design, promotional products, and fulfillment. We are looking for someone with experience in these areas. If you are currently at another print shop and are looking to bring your services to PLS Print, we would like to speak to you. A sign-on bonus could available for those candidates bringing existing accounts. We are always on the lookout for talented new team members.

read more › Professionaly graphic design is vitally important to result of your final printed piece. The average consumer is becoming much more 'design conscious' and can spot a bad design a mile away. At PLS Print, we stay up to date on the most current design trends, styles, and ideas, and bring those ideas to our clients. The result is a well thought out, trendy design, that reflects your business, and also gets your message across to your target audience. Every piece of printing should be used to accomplish an objective for your company.

read more › Did we mention repetition? It takes, on average, 12 impressions for your potential customer to take notice of your marketing efforts. It's no coincidence that you can repeat many popular company slogans or phrases, and that's because the companies with household names figured out a long time ago that if you say something loud enough and for a long enough period of time, people begin to start paying attention, whether they know it or not. And it's not an accident that you remember to buy their product.

read more › For larger organizations, managing print, marketing, and promotional materials can be a huge headache. With PLS Print, you can rest assured knowing that we can handle the entire process. We can print your marketing and promotional materials, store and inventory, and ship when orders are placed. It takes the pressure off of you and leaves it to us. Contact us today to see how our services can fit your organization.

read more › It takes a lot of time to manage your printing and promotional products, especially for large organizations. That's why we've come up with an easy to use Web Storefront system that allows you to place orders, view inventory, and view order history for all the users on your account. This is particularly useful for organizations with multiple branches that need an easy way to let their managers place orders without being the middleman. Each storefront is custom created and fit to your specs. Let us walk you through a live storefront demo today.

read more › You want a team of experts that knows political mailing inside and out. During the last political cycle we printed and mailed over 10 million pieces of political mail. Since then, we've bulked up our production capabilities to handle even more. Here's why you should choose PLS Print. 24 Hour Production Large Volume Capability High Speed Addressing up to 50,000 Pieces Per Hour Daily Drop-Shipping All Production IN-HOUSE Mail Processing Experts for Maximum Postage Savings We know that politics is fast-paced, therefore you need to get your message out FAST!

read more › We operate out of a secure facility capable of handling sensitive data. Whether you are providing your own data, or you need us to help, we have your covered. Choose from criteria such as credit ratings, hobbies, marital status, past purchase history, income, geography and more. Whether you need variable digital printing or static shells with imprints, we have your fully covered. Between our web, sheetfed, and digital presses, we can handle any size campaign. With a full line of inserters and inkjet equipment, we can crank out 100,000+ inserted letters and 400,000+ inkjet pieces per day.

read more › You want a team of experts that knows real estate mailing inside and out. Whether you are farming a neighborhood or an entire zip code, PLS Print will help you design, print, and mail high quality materials to reach your real estate goals. Here are some reasons you should choose PLS Print. Pre-Made Design Templates to Choose From Large Volume Capability Scheduled Mail Programs to Automate Your Marketing All Production IN-HOUSE Mail Processing Experts for Maximum Postage Savings We know that real estate is a competitive industry, therefore you need to get your name out there OFTEN!

read more › One of our specialties is creating high-quality, event-worthy, out-of-this world conference workbooks and programs. With our state-of-the art offset printing presses and our cutting edge digital presses, we regularly produce the highest quality printing you can find on the market. We know how much time you put into your event and conferences, make sure your printed materials are top-notch! Whether you need it perfect bound, wire-o, plasticoiled, or saddlestitched, we will make it happen. We offer specialty services including: Foiling Diecutting Round Corners Spot Gloss Coatings Film Laminates (Dull, Gloss, Soft Touch and more) Fulfillment Nationwide Shipping Contact us today to get started on your next project.

read more › In lithographic printing, bleed refers to the printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming. The reason bleed is required is because there's always slight variation in the position of the image on the sheet. So think about it this way; if we printed your document exactly to size, and the image has shifted just slightly one way or the other, when we go to cut the final size out of the parent sheet, it will then leave a white edge between where the image ended, and where the blank white paper is still visible.

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