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Lauterstein Graphic Design Call us at (978) 546-5252 for a product photography or graphic design quote, or use our easy form on the contact page. Adrian Lauterstein is a Boston area product photographer who focuses on tabletop photography. His lengthy history as a production artist and designer helps him create photo setups that work well on electronic devices as well as in print media.

Whether you are the CEO of a small to mid sized company, a Marketing Director, an Art Buyer or Art Director, as you browse through our product photos it will become very apparent that this is high quality work. What is not immediately obvious is that great images of your products can be quite affordable. Why market with second rate visuals when you can have the best at a fair price?

After all, ad space still costs money, even if the ad isn't that effective, in a world with an ever shorter attention span. Some people have made the argument that quality no longer matters to a mobile majority internet audience. However, phone displays continue to improve.

read more › In recent times, many restaurants and catering businesses have cut corners on their photography by using phone snapshots combined with bad lighting. Then they spend thousands on print and internet advertising. A day of shooting with us will yield images of signature dishes that provide the ammunition to seize more market share.

read more › Whether it's a tri-fold brochure that folds right or an ad for a color publication in another country, using a totally different press standard, Lauterstein Graphic Design is there for you. Stop throwing your money away on things that just don't quite come out right. Remember, you can fix a mistake on a web site but never on 20,000 printed pieces. Using online print houses is a great way to save enormous amounts of money, but knowing which one to use for a particular job can be difficult. We can help with that too.

read more › A form fitting leather case can protect instant cameras from damage and prevent accidental film door openings. Fuji Instax film is nothing new. It has been around since 1998. Instax represents efforts by Fuji to improve upon Polaroid's famous instant films. Instax eliminates the mirror that the traditional Polaroid cameras use to reverse the image, because it gets exposed through the back of the film. While this does allow for less boxy cameras, the fact that the emulsion is exposed from behind through a fairly thick piece of film, which likely softens the image.

read more › Sitting in my kitchen for decades, the great Proton mono AM/FM radio recently started putting out a frightful hiss, along with having a harder and harder time locking in any station. We live in an era where even with digital radio broadcast, most audio product manufacturers concentrate on powered speakers that do Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So, my search for an affordable quality replacement with a radio receiver was not easy. I looked at what was offered by Bose, Tivoli, and Sony. Finally, I decided to take a chance on a company whose products I had never seen before.

read more › What is crowd sourcing? Well, you may recall that in crowd funding people beg strangers for money so that they can launch whatever their project is, from an album to a food truck. Mostly, even if the project is a success, the donors never expect to see a dime of their money back. Crowd sourcing is much, much worse. A business seeks out copywriters, photographers, designers, artists, or musicians either directly or by running an ad somewhere like Craigslist. Everybody submits a completed project, based on the specs, and then only one is accepted.

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