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Colby Design Colby Design specializes in strategic and innovative graphic design and visual identity that lets you build relationships and make a lasting impression. Every single one of my clients is treated to expert, dedicated, personal attention from me, Rick Colby - Graphic Designer, Go-To Guy. This design studio is owned by me, Rick Colby. I'm the go-to guy around here.

That means every project I work on, every design I create, has got to pass my smell test before the client signs off on it. And since I get to come to work each day and do what I love, I'm proud of the results. A good trade show display should communicate your brand identity and tie in with your other marketing materials at a glance. You've got to grab them in the first 3 seconds they lay eyes on your booth or they move on.

Like a diamond, your booth will be more valuable if it has these key traits: Color, Contrast, Composition, Clarity. Tips on what makes a good trade show display design, what to avoid, and other (mostly) design-related thoughts.

read more › After serving as senior designer and then art director of a San Francisco Bay Area magazine, I started Colby Design in 2000. In 2018 I relocated to the Austin, Texas area. Since starting my business, I've worked for companies in such varied industries as software, electronics, law, education, real estate, agriculture, and engineering, to name a few. They all have one thing in common: they have a story. It's my job to help them tell it. I take a collaborative approach to my work. You know your business better than anyone and are an important part of the process.

read more › This is just a sampling of the design work I've done for my clients, with a few personal projects thrown in for fun. Colby Design specializes in strategic and innovative graphic design and visual identity that lets you stand out from the crowd. From concept to final, I offer detail-oriented design solutions with an eye on brand awareness, continuity, and usability.

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