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As a visual communications artist and graphic designer, I focus on #graphicdesign that boosts your bottom line. My mission is to create imprints that make #brands come alive, thrive, endure, command more industry influence, and provide a positive effect on your profitability. Together, we'll create using a "content-drives-design" approach as a guide for decisions that drive the design.

I have worked with Paulette and P Green Design over the last three years and several of my ventures: an established consulting business, non-profit foundation and a new consulting start-up. We have done design work, branding, marketing programs, and three website builds. In every project, with some very brief conversations with Paulette, she quickly and easily grasped the essence of what we were trying to convey.

Our relationship with Paulette has helped us grow our for-profit and non-profit ventures. Whether your project is large or small, digital or print design, a short- or long-term assignment, utility work, or new branding or rebranding, we'll work together, and I'll provide you with graphic design that will delight you.

read more › Get high-performing graphic design that makes an imprint by setting you apart from the competition AND contributing to your profitability. In 2021, I'm celebrating 20 years as the owner of and visual communications artist and graphic designer at P Green Design - a milestone that makes me proud. Since the age of two, I have been ready for new adventures and creative collaborations! I was inspired to start a business because I observed a need in the marketplace for exceptional, on-brand graphic design at more affordable prices that would give clients the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the designer, rather than having their thoughts and ideas translated to the person doing the designing.

read more › At P Green Design, I take a "content-drives-design" approach that I have found sparks the best results and helps the message about your product or service stand out more clearly in the marketplace. Let me serve as your resource for enhancing not only the visuals and imagery, but your messaging, too - a skill not every visual communications artist can offer.

read more › Clients tell in their own words how impactful and professional design has carved out a niche for them in their marketplace, influenced their profitability and made their life less stressful. We created a new logo and website for our non-profit with P Green Design. Paulette did a terrific job of helping us think through what kind of messages we wanted to send in our logo and our website designs. She offered several ideas for the designs, and then worked with us to further refine the choice we selected.

read more › Like many relationships, your love affair with your company's logo has probably had its ups and downs. But even if it no longer feels young and fresh to you, your logo is still a powerful symbol of your brand. Here's how to decide if it's time for a logo redesign. P Green Design, a visual communications agency celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021, has announced that it is adding two prestigious American Graphic Design awards to its portfolio of taking brand identities to the next level. Fourteen years after creating their original logo, I was thrilled to be asked back by Kremer Associates to work on a re-branding initiative.

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