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We created this fun restaurant menu design to showcase the colors and variety that Rod 'N' Reel Restaurant offers. We created a customized and recognizable campaign & branding for Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa's Rock The. This site was built from our own ideas to create the ideal weddings resource to help prospective brides and grooms.

Alchemi Design is a full service graphic design and marketing company in the Annapolis, Maryland area We provide our clients with a lively and unique view to their marketing and advertising and create effective and impactful logo design, business cards, brochures, banners, posters, and other marketing materials for digital and print media.

Combining award-winning design, strategic marketing, branding, and online and print advertising, we connect our clients with their customers and propel them into the forefront of their industry.We are committed to our clients and passionate for creative content and branding. Alchemi's team of talented designers create and implement well composed and award winning designs to effectively represent and promote your brand or business.

read more › In 2005, Alchemi Design & Publications set out to take on design and marketing projects with their deep knowledge, valuable talent and their desire to make a living doing what they love. Alchemi's combined talents and experience have resulted in a steadily growing graphic design, advertising and marketing firm. We have grown into an reputable business with notable expertise in Tourism and Hospitality marketing. We expanded to offer services to government divisions as we have been approved for MBE, DBE, and SBE certification from the MDOT's Office of Minority Business Enterprise.

read more › As an experienced full service graphic design and marketing company, our services provide effective solutions to our clients' design and marketing problems. Alchemi's team of talented graphic designers create and implement well composed and award winning graphic design to effectively represent and promote your brand or business. Living in a society immersed in digital media, we develop and maintain a digital presence with online advertising, website design, and social media to keep your business relevant with the latest technology trends.

read more › Whether you already have an established brand or logo design that you'd like to update or if you are starting from scratch and need help planting your roots, we can create new branding or refresh your existing logo. We provide a wide range of graphic design services to get your business noticed including Business Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Print Media, Publications and Advertising. Branding is a very important building block for any business to become successfully noticed, recognized and remembered.

read more › Email and digital marketing are great ways to remind your customers of all the great products and services you have to offer. Email marketing is a unique tool to isolate groups of customers and to notify them of relevant information. Email marketing is paramount to an effective marketing plan and one of the most effective ways to reach your current customers and build relationships with new ones. We design, manage and track on-going email and digital marketing for special campaigns, weekly to monthly enewsletters and more to share your ideas and increase your brand awareness.

read more › Staying relevant in your industry can become quite a challenge. Knowing how to get noticed through marketing is something we successfully achieve for our clients. We love conceptualizing and planning the best strategies to keep our clients' businesses in the spotlight and we are constantly adjusting plans and criteria to adapt to current events, topics and social trends. Build it and They will Come. Not really, unless there is a well planned, targeted marketing strategy in place. Alchemi provides just that for specific campaigns, Bridal Shows, product launches, concert series or special event.

read more › We create a variety of brochures, guides and large format books for the hospitality, tourism and wedding industries. Our venue and tourism brochures are printed with the financial support of advertisements from the venue or county approved preferred professionals. The brochures and guides establish the venue's brand in print and digital format and are free of cost to the client. Our brochures and guides have not only increased the quantity of events for our clients but the dollar amount per event.

read more › As well-seasoned pros with over 14 years in the wedding and hospitality industry, our team at Alchemi Design has built a reputation of exceptional service that achieves glowing results for hotels, event venues, restaurants and wedding and hospitality businesses. Our experience has afforded us the wisdom and ability to avoid marketing mistakes commonly made in the industry, capitalize on marketable strengths and implement an effective marketing strategy with actual tangible results. From building brand awareness and increasing sales, to targeted campaigns and customer advocacy to actionable tracking and analytics.

read more › Alchemi Design & Publications is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and choose our product vendors accordingly. We will continue to improve our environmental performance and encourage projects, clients and activities that will further reduce our impacts on the environment. Our commitment to the environment is a belief held in the hearts of our staff and is communicated in our products and how we work in the community in which we operate and love. Using only FSC certified printers, who use only responsibly managed forests as accredited by the US Forest Management Standard;.

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