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Imagine venturing into the world of custom graphic design with confidence - a world that can make a real difference to your company's professional image, growth and success. Need award-winning graphic design expertise for standout trade show or conference materials? Ready to create or update your company logo and collateral materials for a stronger presence in your marketplace?

Graphic Ventures, founded by Terri Moore, has been fulfilling the unique marketing needs of clients for more than 37 years. Our professionals deliver creativity, attention to detail, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. With Graphic Ventures as your creative design partner, you can venture forth with confidence. Our law firm now has some very attractive marketing materials that convey excellent information to any reader.

I cannot recommend Terri enough.

read more › It's been more than 37 years since Terri Moore, an award-winning graphic designer, founded Graphic Ventures in Columbia, Maryland. Today, as Graphic Ventures' "Chief Inspiration Officer, " Terri serves a wide range of clients, big and small, from nonprofit, government, and private business sectors. Her ability to listen, interpret and visualize what her clients express, and to translate those thoughts and ideas into fine-tuned, effectively targeted marketing communications, is apparent in her ongoing commercial success.

read more › What keeps clients coming back again and again to Graphic Ventures? The proof is here, in our portfolio of creative, custom-designed solutions. Proof that Graphic Ventures consistently provides the right balance of service, strategy, experience and imagination. And proof that we will use ALL of our graphic design expertise to fulfill your marketing communications needs too. For a more detailed portfolio review and to discuss your marketing vision in detail, please contact us today.

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