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Studio G Studio G provides quality, effective web and graphic design to companies in Rockford Illinois and the surrounding area. We help them define their needs, grow their businesses and establish their brands. We have helped companies launch new products and services and introduce them to the marketplace. And we have helped companies update and refocus their brand.

Graphic communication has undergone incredible change over the last 30 years, and we've changed with it. Computer technology has replaced most of our old tools. Graphic designers have become masters-of-all-trades. Whether you're an entrepenuer or start-up just feeling your way, or an established company looking to improve your image, we can help.

read more › Print helps you get your message directly into the hands of the people (or person) that you are targeting. Whether a promotional brochure, direct mail piece or an advertisement, Print lets you get information directly to your target demographic. Technology has had a tremendous impact on printing. In the 'distant past' (30 years or so ago) getting a project to print was far more involved and required the skills of many individuals. New technologies give us opportunities we've never had in the past.

read more › Illustration and graphics play a huge part in conveying your message to your audience. They enhance your products or services and help explain things that words alone can't. From Print to the Web, illustrations and photos allow you to present your products, information or services to your audience one-on-one. Bad photos (often seen on the web) or poor illustrations will reflect badly on your product or service. Simple cleanup or color adjustments can often turn a bad photo into a good one. Studio G will make sure your graphics convey the quality and message you need and deserve.

read more › Your logo is an integral part of your identity and your brand. A custom logo design helps create a memorable and professional visual identity for your company or product. Your brand is unique and your logo should be too. Logo design is not merely about using a unique type face and applying it over a squiggle or a shape. Don't get stuck with a dated, poorly designed logo, just because a designer likes it or because it's cheap. Your logo must be unique, memorable and professional. It has to help you stand out from the competition.

read more › Etcetera is our "catch-all" category for graphic design projects that don't fit neatly into other catagories. These projects often require a wide range of experience and of skills. We have created packaging design for diverse projects such as battery cases and packaging, to labels for massage products, to boxes and displays for hydroponic lighting and indoor gardening products. Illustration and photo manipulation is usually a necessary component for creating the final art. Finished art is usually printed, but often require specialized knowledge of printing on boxes, labels or unusual materials such as metal.

read more › We can provide services from scratch, or work with your ideas to produce a finished project. Some clients are very "hands-on", while others prefer to leave design decisions to us. We're comfortable either way. No design (no matter how much we like it) is a satisfactory solution until our client is satisfied. We've been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients over the years-some large, some small-including publishers, manufacturers, retailers, health organizations, governmental agencies, service organizations, and entrepreneurs.

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