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Digital Captura We are Digital Captura, a creative photography, website, digital boards, graphic design & product printing company that likes to do things a little bit differently and with a lot of creativity. We're here to serve and help you. Thank you for choosing Digital Captura for your photos, ideas and projects! We love shooting a combination of timeless art for families, maternity, children, couples, engagements, seniors, quinceaneras and more.

We believe in providing you with a beautiful visual story by capturing the special moments of your life, and creating an unforgettable memory for you. Explore our portfolio. We love creating original and creative websites. We believe in innovation. We are creative and passionate about designing your personal, business or organization's website with a modern yet classic aspect.

Explore our projects. We love creating branding, designing graphics and printing products with unique artistic expression. We believe in transforming your idea and vision into an unforgettable experience.

read more › We capture special moments through photography, create website design and development, create digital board videos, create branding and graphic design, and create printing products. We offer our clients unique website & graphic design, digital board videos, photography, and printing products, while at the same time delivering an outstanding customer experience. Digital Captura is a Woodstock, Illinois based photography, website, digital boards, graphic design and product printing company best known for its modern and unique work.

read more › We will call or email you promptly to confirm your request and schedule your session on our calendar (upon availability). After confirming and scheduling your session, we'll email you an online photography contract and a link to make your $50 session deposit. If you have a gift certificate and would like to redeem it, please select the proper option at the end of the form. We can't wait to help you create and capture those moments and turn them into unforgettable memories! First, please choose your desired collection.

read more › Having a professional website is a must. It's your front line, telling the world that your organization and business is for real. It's your most important point of recognition, a powerful tool that represents your vision and what you do. Here at Digital Captura, you work with a complete professional team. Together, we create your personal, business or organization's unique website, providing you with the experience and support you need to bring it to life online. Every element of your site is completely unique and customized so that it truly is an authentic digital space, meeting all your professional and personal needs, built with the support of a well-developed and supported theme, all on a trusted user-friendly platform.

read more › Digital Menu Board Videos are for any organization or business: restaurant, car dealer, church, coffee house, law firm, grocery store, gym, hair salon, auditorium, theater, and more. Any entity, small or big. Display cutting edge and professional Digital Menu Board Videos of your products and services on your HDTV or digital screen. They are effective and more affordable than digital board technology software from other companies. Our Digital Menu Board Videos are the perfect digital solution for your organization or business's vision.

read more › We're here to serve you! We offer two branding and logo design packages. Unique branding in visuals. Build a strong consistency in your online presence. Tell the world about yourself in a unique way that reflects and show who you are and what you do. More than just a logo, but not as overwhelming as a full brand design package. Providing you with the important basics to get your business' and organization's brand moving and off to a solid start. A more complete branding package that includes your logo and several other visuals of your brand.

read more › Whether it's a birthday surprise, a holiday gift, or a bundle for yourself, you can give "A Gift of Memories" for a partial or full photography session! Choose from $50 up to any gift amount you wish and wow your friends and family! We suggest you give between $50 - $700 for a collection session. 1. Once you have made a payment, you will receive an email confirmation from PayPal for your payment. A: Yes, although they can only be purchased one certificate at a time. You may also purchase one certificate that can cover more than one session or service for your friends and family to redeem.

read more › I asked Rodrigo to come out to a rehearsal prior to a big music festival (Great Lakes Steelpan Festival) in order to get some promo shots. I originally told him that I only want 3-4 pictures, but he said he would take a bunch and let me choose up to 20. After going through all the great shots, I ended up with 22 pictures that I really liked! In addition to obviously doing great work, Rodrigo is a joy to work with. Thanks for everything! Rodrigo did a tremendous job! We only had a general idea of what we wanted for my husband's construction business site, and the template Rod came up with was awesome!

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