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Woodworth Associates The business of Woodworth Associates is graphic design and communications. We work with clients to produce environmental graphics, exhibits, visual identification programs, and graphics including publications, posters, and websites. Good design must be functional as well as memorable. We apply the same problem-solving method in each case: research, evaluation, design, and implementation.

We have long-standing relationships with many partners and vendors including architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, writers, photographers, printers, programmers, sign and exhibit fabricators who assist Woodworth Associates in creating innovative solutions for a wide range of products.

read more › Graphics that are created for indoor and outdoor environments offer exciting visual opportunities. The design, graphics, and choice of materials must be sensitive to and appropriate for the site. Wayfinding and signage programs must above all be informative and practical. Donor recognition displays must be dignified and respectful. A compelling sense of place is always our goal. Woodworth Associates' work typically includes research, programming, design, preparation of fabrication documents & specifications, and fabrication administration.

read more › Woodworth Associates recently designed the wayfinding, signage, and graphics program for the newly renovated Portland Public Library in Portland, Maine. The exterior graphics, elegant and understated, were created in multiple languages. The diversity of Portland is further acknowledged throughout the interior of the Library on room identification signs translated into eight languages. Stunning photographs of old books by Abe Morrell serve as backdrops to interior wayfinding. The photography offers an exciting, but thoughtful, visual contrast to the renovation.

read more › Woodworth Associates recently completed the design for a new wayfinding program for the new 55,000-square-foot Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness at Gettysburg College. The facility includes an eight-lane Olympic pool, fitness areas, multipurpose spaces, climbing walls, as well as an athletic training & sports therapy area. Woodworth Associates designed several hundred signs including: identification signs, directional signs, informational signs, regulatory signs, and donor recognition signs and displays.

read more › The Natural Resources Council of Maine is one of Maine's leading environmental advocacy groups. The two-story photo mural juxtaposes quotations with dramatic photographs to inspire staff and visitors to the mission of the NRCM. In addition, we designed graphics for a large conference room as well as interior directional signs.

read more › Our work included research, site documentation, development of a wayfinding methodology for pedestrians and vehicles, and design of sign types including campus identification, directional, building, orientation, regulatory, and street signs. This project was completed in collaboration with Roc Caivano Architects and Coplon Asscociates, Landscape Architects.

read more › Exhibit design creates a story in a three-dimensional space. As exhibit designers, we strive to engage, delight, inform, and educate our audiences through the use of graphics, objects, and text. Successful exhibit design requires a thorough understanding of the subject, as well as the audience. We allow the exhibit content to drive the design and ultimately the form. We believe all projects depend on sound organization and open communication. We are experienced in organizing complex information, including research, writing, design, budgets, specifications, and schedules.

read more › The Observatory has been a familiar sight on the east end of Portland's peninsula for nearly 200 years. The Portland Observatory has been meticulously restored to its 19th century condition and now houses interpretive exhibits. The exhibits take a visitor from the Observatory's vibrant past as signal tower, weather station, and community gathering spot through its recognition as a National Historic Landmark to the present day restoration that was celebrated in a reopening to the public in 2000.

read more › This site overlooks the entrance to Portland Harbor. The town of Cape Elizabeth wished to provide visitors with a clear understanding and interpretation of the different views from this site as well as an overview of the rich history of Fort Williams. Woodworth Associates researched, wrote, and designed the panels. Images were culled from several Maine libraries and historical societies. Each panel provides the viewer with an orientation map. The design of the base was inspired by details from anti-aircraft guns that were used at Fort Williams during World War II.

read more › For nearly two hundred years the responsibility for Portland Head Light fell to the lighthouse keeper. In 1991, the responsibility for creating a museum in the same rooms that were once the keeper's home became the assignment of Woodworth Associates and Van Dam and Renner Architects. We supervised all aspects of the exhibit production including research, writing, design, fabrication, and installation. In addition, we designed a logo and stationery, fundraising materials, and exterior signs for the museum.

read more › Visual identification design begins with research and planning. Understanding the client's business is essential to defining a problem, designing a solution, and implementing a plan of action. The development of a logo is often the cornerstone of a visual identification program. A logo should be memorable and evocative of the business or organization it represents and identifies. When all of the program elements - from logo and typography, stationery, publications, signs, and website - are well-coordinated, the result is a visual identity that is clear and effective.

read more › The new Bowdoin logo respects the College's traditional roots. Hand-drawn in a typeface with 18th-century origins, the logo is derived from the classic collegiate felt banners of yesteryear. A secondary version of the logo was also developed. In addition, we wrote and designed graphic design standards for the proper implementation of the logo.

read more › A local farm was in need of a new visual identity. The root vegetable, the carrot, was settled upon early on in the design process. An effort was made to develop an identity that is professional, serious, and evocative of the Farm. At the same time, it felt appropriate to balance the professional with the playful. This new visual identity, with its symbol and typography consistently implemented, offers a "fresh start, " not only for the Farm, but in a global sense in terms of awakening our community, and others, to the value and crucial importance of organic, sustainable food sources.

read more › The design of graphics includes the development of websites, advertisements, brochures, books, and posters. Simple typography is essential. Our approach is one that has been honed by years of experience. Restraint, intuition, common sense, and artistic sensitivity are combined to give meaning to each project. The hierarchy of information, sense of discovery, and the pacing of content all contribute to the richness of the message.

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