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Inspired Creations CAROLE received her BA in Graphic Arts in Montral, Canada, and moved to South Florida in 1993 where she lived on a sailboat for over 20 years with her husband. She sailed to Maine in 2018 where she currently resides. She runs Inspired Creations LLC, and freelances on creative projects for clients across the nation.

As a graphic designer, her experience ranges from design agency, owning and operating a sailing magazine, and managing a design and printing department for a dietary supplement manufacturer for close to 10 years.After years of working in the intensive world of commercial graphic design, severe health issues drove her to make drastic lifestyle changes in order to heal herself.

Her search for a cure propelled her into the world of holistic health where she learned to successfully maintain a healthy body, and lead a fulfilling life despite chronic issues. Her studies also opened her mind to the importance of healing body, mind, and spirit. She studied holistic and yogic philosophies and learned ways to manage her health.

read more › When I first met her I realized immediately what an intelligent, creative and dynamic person she is. I have known her for over seven years and have seen her growth as an artist, spiritual teacher, jewelry designer, yoga teacher and now a life coach. This is one fabulous girl and I can't express more superlatives to describe this hard-working, networking and fabulous lady. Her studies began in graphic design and have grown into many more creative avenues. As a life coach and teacher you can be sure that she will do her best to help and lead souls to their right destination in any field.

read more › I'm a seasoned, freelance graphic designer with a multitude of talents extending on different platforms. In my 3 decades as a graphic artist, I've tallied 15 years specializing in design, packaging, and marketing of natural dietary supplements and have extensive knowledge of FDA Requirements. I owned and published Real Sailors magazine, a bi-monthly South Florida magazine with 20,000 circulations, and have years of experience in a design agency. I am a very creative soul and bring knowledge and mastering skills to all my projects.

read more › Exploring health and personal development through movement, meditative writing, self-care practices, and thought-provoking discussions. I ask that you give an energy exchange according to your own capacity and financial means. I trust that you will contribute based on your current situation. I hope that SOUL SESSIONS inspires and uplift you. Join me for a FUN-FILLED HOUR designed to help you grow, explore life-enhancing skills, and learn how to master life's challenges!. Deep dive into your emotional triggers, fears, worries as well as greatest motivators and goals.

read more › Carole was the FIRST SHAKTI DANCE INSTRUCTOR WORLDWIDE to be granted permission by the European Shakti Dance Academy to share this practice via Live Webinars! Infuse your life with gentle yoga, heart opening movement, dance, meditation, inspiration and guidance on how to live a blissful life. All you need is a yoga mat and internet connection to connect with a supportive circle, and get a direct infusion of happiness, sexiness, relaxation, high vibration, focus, confidence, strength, energy and bliss!

read more › Learn to clear out the rubbish, tame down anxieties, release the stress and quiet the chattering mind in this powerful and transformative workshop. Incredibly beneficial if you feel stuck, unsure about making a decision, or are in a period of transition. What if you found the source of all answers, could release all stress, worries, and self-doubts, and plan a brighter future?. It is a blend of guided meditations and guided written exercises and prompts, designed to help you raise self-awareness, cultivate self-confidence, focus on goals and intentions you have set for your life, and bring inner peace.

read more › Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique used by thousands of people across the world to heal and help alleviate stress. It is a very powerful technique and can change lives. Carole is a certified Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Ryoho Method. She offers private sessions and teaches classes. Contact Carole to book a private healing session or to get certified. Reiki is an extremely safe and highly effective stress relief and energy healing modality that is beneficial to everyone. How amazing would it be to increase your intuition, personal power and possess the ability to heal yourself and others?

read more › Paul Castronovo, host of Miami's #1 morning show on FM radio invited Fontaine to guest on BIG 105.9 in honor International Women's Day. Nancy Wilson of Heart was also a guest on the show. Epic news for this first-time author! Jump in this excellent conversation with Sail Junky Magazine where we dive deep into what is NOT in the book! A goal is a temporary destination and if it doesn't suit your need anymore, you're allowed to tack and go somewhere else. It's OK. We have to let go of our attachment to reaching or accomplishing a goal when it loses its attraction or fulfillment.

read more › FM Miami, Paul Castronovo's #1 Morning Show, Sail Junky Magazine, The Florida Sun, Kennebunk Post, Journey Magazine, Daughters of Change, Caribbean Compass, Le Courier des Ameriques, Le Courier de la Floride, La Voie de L'Est. Carole empowers people to live their best life by sharing stories of her 20-years of living aboard a sailboat and her journey to heal from chronic disease. She is a successful professional graphic designer, and continues her life-long study of holistic and yogic philosophies and learning ways of managing her health.

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