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Graphic Penguin is a single-purpose company with one goal in mind: grow our clients' business. At Graphic Penguin, we believe your digital and print media should work in tandem to support your brand identity. It all starts with pinpointing your business objectives, determining an effective message for your audience, then building that message into relevant media channels to reach and engage your customers wherever they are.

The result of this simple, straightforward process is a customized communications plan crafted specially for your business. We are a small team, which gives us a distinct advantage over larger agencies. It means our clients have direct access to our design experts without having to go through an account representative. It means we work closely with you to develop a focused strategy that will help you meet your business goals.

It means we are able to adapt quickly to your evolving needs and objectives, accommodating your requests quickly and simply. And it means you can call or email us any time to speak directly with the team member personally handling your project.

read more › With collaboration at our core, we want to ensure that every project blends the client's vision with our creativity. We excel at listening to deliver a successful project outcome. Designing clean solutions, we work with clients to unlock value through creativity, technology, and business-minded thinking. As branding specialists, we create graphic identities as well as refining existing corporate images for your packaging and marketing collateral. With our broad design experience and boundless enthusiasm, we can build, expand or reinvent your print communications and online presence.

read more › Graphic Penguin launched a redesign for The Perfect Bob, an e-Commerce website for a professional home haircutting tool designed to cut the perfect Bob. The cutting template has grown in popularity internationally due to the Salon closures. The Bob is the hottest haircut right now, according to Google search volume data analysis from around. While organizing the office I found a full box of penguins that had not been unpacked since we moved here 14 years ago. In an effort to document and get a correct count will be posting on the blog.

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