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Nightmill Humans are visual; it's our most powerful sense and we rely on it to tell us whether someone is trustworthy, if a situation is safe, or if something is appealing. Creative design can shape people's behaviors, invoking certain emotions or connections that make customers feel comfortable with your brand, product, or company. The holidays may be over, but that won't stop us from celebrating and enjoying ourselves.

And we don't want it to stop you either! So we've brought back our robotic friends in this little animated short to remind us that the magic of the season is only just beginning!

read more › Nightmill was created from the concept that everything you can imagine is real. Our enthusiasm for design has created a place where we satisfy and amaze our clients, proving that design is art and it's meant to be beautiful, stunning, and functional. Each new project is an opportunity for our artists to approach a blank canvas with an open mind, creating a concept that captivates, engages, and inspires. Amber has a passion for art and it shows in her work. She is intuitive with clients, having a keen ability to understand and clearly communicate ideas.

read more › Want to really wow your audience? Having something in 3D to show customers or investors not only impresses visually, but can also explain in SECONDS what could take half an hour or more in words. Why explain something when you can fly through it and see how it works? A picture's worth a thousand words; a video's worth millions. Make it count by showing the right people EXACTLY what you're envisioning, so they can share your vision too. Having a well-crafted 3D image or video not only looks amazing, but makes you look amazing.

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