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The AAP newsletter, much like the interest level of the readers was flat and boring. The ASME is a global association of Engineers. Recently they decided that they want to promote the association and increase recruiting efforts amongst college students. The ACRP is a 40 year old association that represents over 20,000 research professionals. In recent years the association has made strides that have changed it's core philosophy and services offered.

We don't always like to pat ourselves on the back, but we do win some hardware from time to time. We have designed hundreds of logos for companies in multiple industries. Our logo design process can be simple and streamlined, or we can conduct comprehensive research and produce an exhaustive array of logos. See our Portfolio for more examples. Publications is our bread and butter.

We have designed and printed hundreds of publications ranging from magazines, newsletters, catalogs, tradeshow programs, and more. We can create all kinds of digital content from responsive websites, HTML5, animated videos, and more.

read more › ICG is a small marketing/ graphic design agency based out of The Chicago, IL area. We have worked with companies across a wide range of industries including: healthcare/ medical, associations, member organizations, hospitality, auto, manufacturing, business to business, business to consumer and more. Many ad agencies will tout a low hourly rate, we don't like to do this. In our industry an hourly rate is all relative to how fast an agency works, and many agencies will pad their hours. Our estimates are done on per-project basis, and our estimates almost always match the final invoices.

read more › As a small full service advertising, marketing, graphic design & communications agency, we become an integral part of your team by learning your business, asking questions, and creating unique solutions. Our goal is to increase your sales, grow your business, and make it more profitable. How? By engaging the consumer, creating demand, speaking with your audience and developing strong brand recognition that gets remembered. In reaching your customers, we believe that the message determines the medium.

read more › The American Academy of Periodontology newsletter, much like the interest level of the readers was flat and boring. After client research and listening to what the members had to say, ICG set out to rebrand and redesign the newsletter. It needed to have an identity on it's own, and after a concepting round of about 20 names, Periospectives was chosen (blend of Periodontology and perspectives). Original, catchy, professional, and descriptive. The graphics and form needed a face lift. Rich images (both full bleed and on white backgrounds) anchor the covers.

read more › The Association of Clinical Research Professionals is a 40 year old association that represents over 20,000 research professionals. The association has used the same logo since its inception. In recent years the association has made strides that have changed it's core philosophy and services offered. The decision was made to update the logo to coincide with the fundamental changes. With such an established brand the change was a sensitive subject and needed to be approached with care. ICG performed a complete brand analysis, conducting research and interviews with all levels of staff and members.

read more › There is no magic bullet. I know this doesn't seem like much of a tip, but association marketers need to understand that there is not ONE thing that accounts for successful advertising. It is estimated that the average American living in an urban environment is exposed to 1,518 advertisements per day. Of these ads only a very few are comprehended on any sort of conscious level, and just a small percentage of those will elicit some kind of response. Obviously a vast majority of advertisements go unnoticed by most consumers.

read more › As marketing professionals we are busy people. Within the past few years many associations and member organizations have been been forced to cut back on marketing staff while at the same time they are insourcing things like market research, planning, graphic design, copywriting, & print buying. This makes the marketing staff as busy as ever. As a result we get so engrossed in our busy day to day activities we forget to step outside of our jobs and look at the materials we produce. We become complacent with our member benefits kits, our monthly journals, newsletters, publication collateral, & direct mailers.

read more › I was recently discussing some member retention issues with a new association client. Their sales and recruitment numbers were pretty good, but after a year of membership they were noticing a lot of non-renewals. Initially they chalked it up to the poor economy, that members were being squeezed tighter and were forced to drop expendable costs. Immediately I was thinking that the economy was not the problem, the problem lay in the perceived value of a membership to this association. After a little research, we discovered that indeed many members felt like their membership to this particular association was expendable.

read more › Take the time to research and test your mailing lists. In any given mailing the results from one mailing list to the next can vary by 100%. Even if you primarily mail to an in-house prospect list, try some direct response rental lists and compare results. You may be surprised. Tip: Ask current clients what other professional literature that they read and test these lists first. 2. Once you have found the best mailing lists, carefully develop a strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to drive the positioning and copy of your direct mail promotion.

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