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Individuals and companies have a difficult time communicating their identity and brand to the world. We offer branding services to individual and businesses through our photography, graphic design, music lessons and recording services (such as podcasts and videos). At Houston Creative Space we understand how valuable the right image of who you are can influence your brand or business.

Our goal is to help reveal the essence of you, a reflection of you to the world. The best portraits capture many facets of your personality, interests, and affections. Whether your looking to reimagine your personal image or create a new one let us help. Let us help you displayed how you stand out in the crowd. Let us create your identity package through innovative logos and unique design tools that make your business or organization stand out from the crowd.

At Houston Creative Space, we offer various private music lessons, such as, voice, piano, drums, and guitar. We not only teach students to play well, but we also teach composition and arrangement.

read more › We like to share our passion to help other reach the essence of themselves or their company. Our company was found by Paula Nguyen Luu and Phuc Luu. Paula and Phuc are both artists and power couple. Paula is a private piano, voice teacher, and photographer. Phuc is a theologian, philosopher, teacher, writer and abstract painter. For years, they would work separately on different projects, until one day they realized that a lot of what they do overlap. So, they formed a company called, Houston Creative Space in order to encompass all of their talents.

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