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Madplanet Get everything you're looking for in a well-established advertising agency and design firm, located in Long Beach, California. Experience, expertise, agility, quality and a focus on connecting with your prospective customers to effectively sell your products and services. You'll love getting exactly what you need when you need it, without any "big agency" delays.

Take a look at the work that we've done for others, and imagine what great work we can do for you. From the "big picture" of creative direction to the minute details of print management, Madplanet gives you all the services of a large design and ad agency with the personal attention of a small one. The Japanese American Community Credit Union's website is in it's 5th year, still running strong and producing results as it did on day one.

read more › The task: Create a do it yourself kit for each field office to manage a successful discount ad campaign. This will bring in clients on a certain day of the year to give them discounts on services they need and generate millions in revenue in a short period of time. The product: One box full of promotional items and instructions that taught the clients what to do, how to do it, how to launch it, and how to keep track of their event. All items included were successful in launching this campaign. The revenue enormous, and the client was ecstatic.

read more › Or maybe a great opportunity to have a presence at an expo just came up, but you don't happen to have a banner or fliers for your booth. Don't worry. Madplanet has got your back. When you need it quick, Madplanet delivers it quick - with the same high quality and attention to detail that we provide on every project.

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