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Tim Ward Art Studio (Studios) is a Santa Cruz logo design studio with an experienced, professional Santa Cruz logo designer. Tim Ward specializes in logo design, graphic design, logo branding, commercial art, and many other design services in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley and surrounding areas throughout California (CA). The below text is mainly for the purpose of including key words and phrases that enable search engines to locate Tim Ward.

So, while written a little quickly, it does at least attempt at a bit of interest. Other service areas are nationwide (The USA [U.S.A.], America). This would include Los Angeles and Sacramento, as well as San Diego and Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada (NV). Tim has also designed for the food, retail, snacks and snacking industry/industries.

Other industry includes toy and toys, youth and children. Much sales and marketing attempts to appeal to the teen, teens, tweens, teenagers and young adults. Tim Ward has created music logos for bands (a band being a musical group).

read more › We came to Ward Art Studios with the concept of our shop but had no logo or image to match it. Tim not only produced the perfect image, but created a logo that has customers calling from around the world requesting our shop's merchandise. Santa Cruz, California is known planet-wide as a hub of the active and creative lifestyle. The SC logo, designed for Santa Cruz Surf Shop, quickly began to identify the region itself. Take a walk in the vicinity and you'll see this image everywhere, displaying affinity and pride for the area.

read more › I cannot recommend Ward Art Studios highly enough. I believe the artwork Tim created for our line of products is responsible for 50% of our first-time buyers. Our artwork is so eye-catching in fact, that a recent move to put it on T-shirts (a customer request) has turned into a small business of its own. If you only hire one artist in a lifetime, Tim Ward is your man. I usually start with a decent breakfast. This provides a foundation for extreme pen and mouse wielding. Regarding your artwork, first we speak and I get a good idea of the direction you'd like to go.

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