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Barry Ridge Graphic Design Barry Ridge Design translates relevant content, trend information and research data into compelling visual forms and narratives to make it more appealing to users and customers. Consistently designed, coordinated communications must flow through print, web and social media to effectively position your company. Straight-forward, visual elements elevate your cause with sophisticated simplicity.

Our real-world design experience helps small and midsize businesses in a wide range of industry categories gain advantage over their competition. Watchful of shifting market conditions and listening to management point of view, we specialize in developing the elements that become the solid foundation to build a branding program that influences customer perceptions.

Ability to support any part of the communication structure, Including all forms of print, web and multi-media. Serve as a highly engaged resource to accelerate and support strategic goals and objectives.

read more › All worthwhile design efforts emanate from a clear understanding of what the design intends to accomplish. Advertising, Branding and Communication all share one common denominator: their cumulative efforts are directed at informing, persuading and eventually selling a product or service to the intended audience. My involvement in the the Color Marketing Group for over 20 years ingrained an understanding of three major aspects of the design process; Color, Design Trends and Marketing. Working with colorist, designers, and marketing professionals from all over the world, I developed my own unique perspective on how these varied disciplines can work in concert to present successful solutions to a wide range of design problems.

read more › Our skilled organization and management of creative sources allows us to offer a wide variety of products and services. Brand expression carries through from the CEO's business card, the monument sign in front of the building and of course, the global presence of the world wide web. While working with a client with a large warehouse operation, we redesigned their cartons to include a solid color stripe on the bottom of each box making them easier to count boxes in a stack. This increased efficiency in the warehouse for counting, stacking, filling orders and loading trucks.

read more › A logo is the "seed of an oak tree" as the root connection of all the branches it is attached to. Every logo design shown here represents an understanding of a target audience, the trends that influence that particular business and how it should be broadcast in the many channels of exposure available today for all businesses large and small. FORM provides the basic shapes that transmit a fundamental human response. Sharp edges as opposed to soft round curves, shape strikes a chord with humans without saying a word.

read more › Disciplined in a background of technical illustration and aerospace publication work, planning large projects is one of my greatest strengths. Today, print, web and social media must work together to communicate a unified image and message. My branding experience ranges from mass market consumer products; hardware, toys, automotive aftermarket, to business-to-business categories such as; software development, legal, real estate, manufacturing and professional services. Color connects on an emotional level that cannot be denied.

read more › For best results, custom design services require a certain level of time and commitment from both the designer and the customer. Our ability to complete projects large and small is best valued with a monthly retainer arrangement. We are always glad to meet new people and review what may be needed to create a start-up company or re-brand a company with decades of history. Marketing directors seeking support for completing their initiatives on schedule and under budget.

read more › Logo development, at least three concept directions, finalize the digital art and prep for various uses; full color, grey scale, high contrast black and white, color palette for use as solid color, CMYK and RGB. Basic stationery, business card, letterhead and envelope configurations. Yes, we have long established relationships with trade-only vendors to produce anything from business cards to monument signage to mobile apps. Design is the thread that holds all mediums together. Organizing the contents, reason and navigation is the foundational development that must be addressed before any code is written.

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