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Lissie Rydz Design My primary intention is always to do the most good for the people I work with. I will never upsell projects, I'm transparent in pricing, and I'll give you my honest opinion when recommending products or services (even if that means recommending someone else). I believe deeply in social responsibility, ethical practice, and equity, so I will always consider doing discounted or pro bono work for organizations promoting such ideals.

I try to do one volunteer project a year, so if you're a nonprofit feel free to get in touch. I also work with Cooperation Humboldt's Worker Owned Academy promoting and incubating worker owned cooperatives, so if you're trying to transition your current business or you're interested in building a new cooperative business-let me know! I would love to help point you to available resources.

If you have any questions-even if it's just for general help, I'll try to get back to you within a few days (I am currently quite busy so emails have been difficult to keep up on!).

read more › Out of respect for clients, and in an effort to keep things transparent, I don't hide my basic pricing. That being said, these prices are based on hours estimated for a project. For more involved or custom projects, pricing would be higher, which would be discussed beforehand. Turnaround time for websites is 2-8 weeks, depending on complexity, scheduling, and availability. Flexible payment plans are available. For logos, graphic design, illustration, or for available add-ons to a website project, simply call or email for a more detailed quote.

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