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Purple Fish Creative We are an innovative, full-service website and graphic design studio, with a talented team of creatives who collaborate on all types of projects. Whether you're starting a new business and looking for a complete branding, print, and website package, or you're just looking to refresh and redesign an older website - we can help create a dynamic web and print presence customized just for you and your business.

We are a hard-working, talented team of creatives who are strong advocates for developing clean, on-trend designs that bring out the best in our clients and deliver effective results. While other design firms and agencies often niche towards one type of industry, we love the variety and creativity that comes with serving all types of businesses - whether large, small, or anywhere in between!

With over 18 years in the design industry, Sue's experience runs the gamut from website design, to all forms of graphic/print design, and branding. For each project, she strives for clean, contemporary design, efficient functionality, and an engaging user experience.

read more › Below are a few selected works for your viewing pleasure. We have years of experience bringing creative projects to life with website design, digital design, branding development, along with all forms of print design - brochures, sales collateral, promotional pieces, and magazine design and layout. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss your project in more detail!

read more › Your logo is the "face" of your company. It is a graphical display of your company's unique identity, and through colors, fonts, and images, your logo enables customers to identify with your core brand. Your brand represents a collective perception of your company's customer service, reputation, and advertising. Your logo then also provides an anchor point for the look, color, and style of all of your other branded marketing materials. The power of the logo lies in its visual nature, and people recognize and relate to images faster then text.

read more › A brochure is your brand at a glance. From traditional tri-fold brochures to full length pamphlets and rack cards, they are promotional documents used to introduce you and provide important information to new customers in a short amount of time. They're like individual salesmen, but on paper! Brochures introduce new customers to you. With clever designs and well-thought content structure, you can share your inspiring story easily to potential clients. They're tangible, meaning the potential to close a sale is ongoing even after you leave the convention or office floor.

read more › Who says corporate design has to be boring? Designs can be upbeat - yet still be professional - to establish a strong, standout corporate identity. But good corporate branding is more than just slapping your logo on a marketing piece. Ideally it has to convey the type of business you have, identify with your target audience, and effectively communicate the message you want to send.

read more › Regardless of the increasing move to online and digital content, there will always be a place and need for printed material. We have designed and produced many different types of publications - from travel/tourism, corporate, promotional, and agricultural publications to foodie magazines and catalogs of all nature and sizes. And we can work on your unique project from conception, design, layout, photography selection to final production and print.

read more › We're always updating our Client Impact and Testimonial page and would love to feature your experience with Purple Fish Creative. We truly appreciate the opportunity we have working with all our of our clients and would love any feedback you can give. Thank you for taking a few moments to leave your comments!

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