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Midnight Boheme Midnight Boheme does not use templates. All designs are handcrafted and 100% original. In addition, the artist has access to a plethora of stock photography and design resources to use as tools of the trade. Midnight Boheme is highly influenced and inspired by New Orleans and the city's unique culture. As a fellow New Orleanian, Laura Kuhn captures the iconic New Orleans flavor in her artwork.

Midnight Boheme has the capability to craft commercial designs using professional software and using state-of-the-art equipment that delivers print-ready files delivered per request. Midnight Boheme creates every project as a potential portfolio piece. That means the designer, Laura Kuhn, cares about making the most beautiful pieces possible. As a boutique graphic design company, Midnight Boheme ensures quality work as a labor of love.

read more › Midnight Boheme is dedicated to serving New Orleans businesses with creative copy, artfully handcrafted digital designs, and captivating marketing materials with a unique bohemian style. The portfolio of Midnight Boheme features original designs for customized logos, promotional materials such as brochures and rack cards, restaurant and bar menus, social media campaigns, original website designs, and multimedia presentations for a variety of local business clients.

read more › Branding starts with a logo and expands to merchandise, signage, and commercial promotions such as videos, brochures, business cards, and more. Midnight Boheme can develop and design your company's emblem by creating a symbol or wordmark recognizable in entrepreneurialism and translated to business cards, stationery, and other forms of identity and branding. From soap box to pizza box, from kitchenware items to promotional packaging, Midnight Boheme creates authentic and elaborate designs that can wrap your merchandise in a unique and attention-grabbing facade to keep your brand consistent and market your product in your personalized voice.

read more › Brand packaging is about a story, a culture, a promise to the customer. Midnight Boheme uses visual illustration to editorialize your company's mission statement and capture a voice and identity in package design that will make your product exquisite. Discover all the aspects to Brand Identity Design with the Entrepreneur Package offered by Midnight Boheme.

read more › Designed by a boutique graphic artist with a metaphorical license to let creativity come out and play, Midnight Boheme offers creative custom logos, icons, slogans, and illustrations for t-shirts and other apparel. Whether inspired by inspired by local New Orleans events, venues, and culture or customized to fit your business marketing needs, Midnight Boheme handcrafts digital graphic designs that can be printed on shirts, shorts, hats, totes, mousepads, mugs, and much more!

read more › Midnight Boheme works in a digital universe where designs are fashioned on a virtual canvas and printed on multimedia platforms to achieve the desired promotional purpose. Materials such as rack cards, business cards, postcards, billboards, vehicle wraps, merchandise packaging, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and special event invitations are used as marketing collateral to promote business, personal, and local venues through stunning visuals and witty repartee. Midnight Boheme offers customized promotional designs for bi-fold and tri-fold brochures, business cards and rack cards, and catalogs such as portfolio flipbooks or company profiles.

read more › Every business has a story to tell. Share your story by printing creative collateral to boost interest to customers. Capture their imaginations while feeding them information. Competitive marketing, creative elements, key messages, and plenty of personality are the components of a killer brand strategy.

read more › Midnight Boheme offers a unique design experience to individuals, couples, businesses and event planners in search of New Orleans-inspired invitations, postcards and greeting cards, plus animated GIF e-cards or e-vites. Designs are born from local inspiration as the city's French heritage, history of jazz, iconic architecture, and native jargon are elements in each custom design. Leave it to a local artist to bring authentic originality to your New Orleans invitation!

read more › Great menu designs can enhance a dining or drinking experience, help customers make satisfying choices and stimulate the senses. In fact, a well-designed menu is more than just a list of the dishes available; it is an advertising tool capable of communicating the venue's identity and driving profit. Midnight Boheme offers several visual strategies in menu design that can help increase profit margins for your restaurant or bar clients, as well as whet your appetite.

read more › Midnight Boheme is proud to present commercial-style film production as part a creative service including promotional video spots, event or business logo reveals, slideshow presentations in PowerPoint or MP4 format, and award show two-thirds titles, bringing to life your company's vision in stylish and professional multimedia platforms. Midnight Boheme can work with your videographer or filmmaker to edit and stylize a presentation with pizzazz! The Historic New Orleans Collection's Caillot Circle special event promotional video for "Bourbon and Bidders!"

read more › Kings & Pawns: The Bloodlines of Bourbon-Orleans is a storybook featuring namesakes of New Orleans, tales of former Louisiana governors, and the in-depth history of 717 Orleans Avenue, an address steeped in a detailed heritage of controversial yet culturally influential venues. Where once opera reigned at the old Orleans Theatre, where Creole society celebrated at the Orleans Ballroom, and where the Sisters of the Holy Family housed the first African-American convent in America, the address of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel offers many a story to tell.

read more › Laura and I have been working together for 7 years on various design pieces for the annual New Orleans Halloween Parade, Krewe of BOO!, and all its spooktacular weekend events. Each year, she delivers fresh and imaginative designs that capture the spirit of festivities. Midnight Boheme is a full service graphic designer who is full of creativity! The French Quarter Business Association has utilized their design services on gala invitations, promotional work, coupon booklets, maps, and much more.

read more › From small town Bohemian to truehearted New Orleanian, Laura Kuhn lives a life less ordinary. Growing up in a one-traffic-light town called Crescent City, Laura spent her childhood in Florida, swimming in lakes and playing in the backyard woods in makeshift forts and a brokedown treehouse. As a country girl at heart, Laura experienced the big city at the age of seven, experiencing museums and Broadways shows while visiting family in New York. Her early exposure to culture, music, and the arts influenced her life's pursuit to the aesthetic realm.

read more › Midnight Boheme Studio offers a variety of exquisite graphic designs available for mixed media projects, Do-It-Yourself crafts, digital or print scrapbooking, and artwork for merchandise and gift items. Beautifully hand-crafted by a solopreneur designer in New Orleans, these creative works are now available to purchase for personal and commercial use. Discover typography collections to add personality to your projects, digital high-quality graphics for web and print designers, and premium Photoshop templates for professionals.

read more › Graphic design requires a creative expert. Good graphic designers know the best approaches to communicating your products and services to your customers or clients. Most importantly, a designer will develop the art in the proper software so that it can be printed by any printer. Purchasing a cheap template or logo online is not going to help you stand out from your competition. The best way to catch the attention of your audience is to convey originality and authentic creativity. Having a distinct brand will raise your business above the competition and become memorable to your audience.

read more › Making contact is the first step. Begin the design process by emailing the project idea directly to the designer and arranging a consultation in person or telecom. Define the project by completing the Creative Brief which will outline the type of project and its format, materials, and content. Gather ideas by looking at other examples in the same field. Submit design details and visual references. Receive the designer's creation of the project in PDF format for analysis. This is the client's opportunity to review all the content and make notes of changes, edits, omissions, additions, etc.

read more › Production Management Time includes the duties that must be completed for each client in order to maintain communication and project progression i.e. Additional factors can be included such as project specification, turnaround time, service and support, and external graphic inclusions such as the purchase of a specific font or design element from a third party.

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