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We have served the Greater Northeast Seacoast; from Coastal Maine to South of Boston for more than 25 years. We look forward to serving the region with graphic design and printing services for another 25 years! Coastal Printing Inc. designs and prints materials of exceptional quality. We have earned our good reputation by investing great care in servicing our clients from start to finish.

And we thank you for your business!. To better serve our loyal customers, with greater efficiency and cost savings, we have moved our operations to shared space with Harborside Printing Company, at 3 Graf Road, Newburyport MA. We continue to specialize in high-value printing for a variety of industries, ensuring your printing needs are always met with high quality, competitive pricing, and outstanding service.

In an industry that has become increasingly fast-paced and price conscious, Coastal Printing Inc. blends pressroom and bindery craftmanship with state-of-the-art, cost saving digital printing. Experienced graphic designers and marketing professionals can work with you to create the media that best represents your business to your clients and target markets.

read more › Our staff is positioned to help you with anything you need in the service areas of printing, graphic design, and marketing consulting. Please stop in with your printing or marketing project. We are confident that Coastal will become your service provider of choice in the Greater Newburyport and NH Seacoast region. Located in Coastal Business Park at 15 Main Street in Salisbury, MA, we border Seabrook, NH and we are less than 10 minutes to Newburyport.

read more › We hire only the most qualified individuals to serve on our team. Every person on our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service and producing high-quality products and services. Though every website seems to promote themselves in this light, with Coastal Printing High Quality is what you get. Bring us your next printing order or other marketing service (i.e., marketing consulting, graphic design or website design) and we are confident that you'll find this to be true!

read more › Coastal Printing Inc. is a full-service printer, blending pressroom and bindery craftsmanship with digital printing and state-of-the-art computer-to-plate prepress. We pride ourselves on being a complete source for all of your business communications needs and have always been on the leading edge of technology. Understanding that an investment in technology can actually save money by improving efficiencies, we continue to improve and meet the changes of digital technology with every passing year.

read more › For nearly 28 years, Coastal Printing has been serving our home of the Greater Northeast Seacoast; from Coastal Maine to South of Boston. We look for many qualities in the individuals we hire. Beyond an applicant's qualifications, we look for staff that are naturally inclined to provide high quality products with friendly and patient customer service, and that have a sense of pride in their work; qualities made most apparent by prompt arrivals, and a diligent application to the work at hand. An overall good attitude is invaluable.

read more › Coastal Printing Inc is a classic printshop using the latest digital technology, and a graphic design company in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Our products are everywhere! Complementary services include marketing consulting, and website design, development and maintenance. We generally service a region including the territory south of Boston up to Portland, Maine. Delivery service of printed products are a feature of Coastal that are extended to a limited region only. Please inquire: 978-465-2607.

read more › Coastal Printing, Inc. is a full-service printer, blending pressroom and bindery craftsmanship with digital printing and state-of-the-art computer-to-plate prepress. We are pleased to offer a full array of printing services for your optimal image and efficient office administration. We are dedicated to quality. Our staff will carefully attend to the details of your projects, while providing authentically friendly service. Other files types are accepted too. Some file types (e.g., created with non professional grade software) may require extra set up time.

read more › Our graphic design and marketing department is represented by a thoughtful and creative staff who offer more than 25 years of collective experience exceeding the expectation of clients. Coastal Printing, Inc. is invested in adding value to your business with exemplary design at competitive rates. We can often make graphic recommendations that represent an improvement over your existing printed materials; either by updating or refreshing the "look and feel". Our graphics team is dedicated to innovative design and contemporary marketing strategy.

read more › After reviewing your products, services and target markets, the marketing and graphic design team will design the appropriate marketing materials designed to win the attention of your particular customer/client markets to help develop your business. A popular business design-to-print service is small and large postcards mailers. We can not only design and print them, front and back, but we can administer posting and mailing very inexpensively!

read more › You may place an order here by completing the information below, or call us at 978-465-2607 and we'll be happy to take your order over the phone. Project Details Please provide additional details about your project in the field. If you are re-ordering an item that we previously printed, and a re-order reminder slip was included, please give us the job number from that slip.

read more › We are a full service shop and offer a wide range of products and services. To see a full listing and description of what we can offer you, checkout out the Products & Services area in the Customer Service Section of our website. Well, since you are here, we would suggest you use our online estimate request form. Otherwise, the best way to ensure that we get all the information necessary to do an accurate quote is to give us a call and talk with one of our customer service representatives. Pictures and graphics pulled from the internet are often low resolution, typically 72 dpi or 96 dpi.

read more › The resistance to scratching of a surface of paper by other paper surfaces or other materials. A type of paper folding in which each fold runs in the opposite direction to the previous fold creating a pleated or accordion affect. A transparent or translucent plastic sheet material of a variety of colors, used as a basis for artwork and overlays. An acid-proof protective coating applied to metal plates prior to etching designs thereon. Bichromated solutions employed in photoengraving as sensitizers provide acid resist through the action of light on sensitized surface.

read more › Coastal Printing is pleased to continue serving our home of the Greater Northeast Seacoast; from Coastal Maine to South of Boston. Our facility reflects Coastal Printing's genuine concern for the natural environment and the health of our employees Coastal Printing is annually Compliance Certified through the Mass DEP's Environmental Results Program. This program ensures compliance with air quality, industrial wastewater and hazardous waste regulations. An innovative program, it emphasizes the prevention of pollution through strategic management techniques, and through the implementation of various TUR (Toxic Use Reduction) and other techniques.

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