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We are always thinking outside the box when it comes to custom embroidery and adding dimension to your design is what we do best. Our in-house design team can create your custom embroidery from concept, or we can use your current artwork and bring it to life. Our in-house graphic design professionals can assist you with designing patches for your customers.

Did you know that artwork isn't just something you put on a wall or place in a museum? At Artwear Inc., we believe you can wear art that shares what you are passionate about or adds value to your company. We offer a variety of customized services, including applique, custom embroidery, logo design, heat transfer, laser etching, custom made patches, fabric printing, screen printing, and custom embroidered patches, just to name a few.

We offer our custom embroidery service to a variety of businesses from our Kernersville, North Carolina shop. Whether you are a uniform provider, promotional distributor, wholesale embroidery company working with retailers, or otherwise need contract embroidery, we are happy to work with you to make your company look good.

read more › We offer custom embroidery and other services that many companies don't have the skill, qualified team members or equipment to handle. Since our inception in 1993, Artwear Inc. has continually placed our focus on quality, fast turnaround times, and the ability to work on products and projects that other companies are not staffed or equipped to handle. Our integrity best compliments yours in our careful attention to detail and respect for your design, materials, and garments. We take great pride in both our low-spoilage guarantee and our on time, every time guarantee.

read more › At Artwear Inc. in Kernersville, North Carolina, our in-house design team can create vector art for print or custom embroidery that will take your customers' visions and translate them into artistically prepared pieces. We pay attention to every detail in all of our services, including custom embroidery, digitizing, applique, reverse applique, print & digital transfers, and laser etching. We know which techniques work on which materials and those that won't based on experience going back to 1993.

read more › We have been doing business for so many years with Artwear Inc. that it has been too long to remember. This is a great company that puts their customers first each time. All the staff members are phenomenal and go out of their way to ensure our orders are handled timeously and accurately. The prices are very competitive. Look no further! Thank you, team Artwear Inc. I have a small, start-up apparel business, but Cindy and her staff have treated me like their biggest account! They have been so helpful with my newbie questions, have given valuable suggestions, and produced top-quality products for us.

read more › We have the technology, capacity, and the attitude to satisfy all your custom embroidery needs. When you contact some companies that offer custom embroidery, their idea of customization involves using the same design but making modifications so that it comes out looking differently. At Artwear Inc., we believe that you deserve better than a cookie-cutter solution. When you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you need a fresh, new design that depicts your logo or other artwork. With our attention to detail and in-house design team, we create everything from monograms to custom patches that will be completely unique.

read more › When you have a business or team, uniforms are a great way to help separate your members from the general public. This is especially helpful in areas that work often with different customers and when it is beneficial that employees stand out. Whether you run a hospital, a general store, a sports team, or a school club, we at Artwear Inc. would love to help. We enjoy helping people find uniforms that they will find comfortable and enjoyable to wear in the Kernersville, North Carolina area. To further the benefits of employee or team uniforms, we suggest uniform embroidery.

read more › When you have a club, a team, or a group of employees, choosing a piece of clothing or part of a uniform with a logo or artwork on it can unite the group. While there are many options available to you here at Artwear Inc., we often suggest hat embroidery, either on its own or as part of a uniform set, because of its versatility and wearability. If you are looking at the clothing embroidery options in the Kernersville, North Carolina area, then we suggest coming to our experts for quality hat embroidery.

read more › These days, getting the right impression and branding out there for your company or organization is more important than ever. With so many online and small businesses out there, every little advantage is critical in helping to grow your brand recognition. Here at Artwear Inc., we want to help you and your employees look their best with our variety of wearable options, including corporate embroidery choices. In the Kernersville, North Carolina area, we have a variety of different corporate embroidery choices that we know you and your team will love.

read more › If you want to dress up your clothing or accessories with monograms, our team is here to help. Here at Artwear Inc., we want to help you give your wardrobe a little personalized flair, and an easy way to do that is by having a few pieces embroidered with your monogram. Adding your initials or even your whole name to a backpack, purse, or anything else is a great way to give that item a little extra pop and put your personal stamp on it. In addition to providing a great decorative element, monograms are also highly useful for identifying your item and telling it apart from similar ones-for example, in the past many people embroidered monograms into their handkerchiefs and linens in order to tell all that white fabric apart.

read more › T-shirts started out as a part of military uniforms-specifically, the plain white undershirts that soldiers and sailors would wear underneath the rest of their uniforms. Over time, these shirts gained widespread popularity, and became not just undergarments but true fashion items. However, t-shirts still retain something of their military origins in that they are a great tool for building team spirit and group identity. If you are looking to create some custom t-shirts for your team, family, wedding party, or anything else, our team at Artwear Inc. is here to provide the top-notch services you need.

read more › You want people to recognize your logo, and you want people to see it as much as possible. Embroidering shirts with your logo is an excellent way to do this. You can have your employees wear embroidered logo shirts as part of their uniform or keep a few on hand for tradeshows, community events, and other gatherings to give away. When it comes to embroidered logo shirts, the quality of the embroidery work is important. You want the colors to match your logo, and you want the embroidery to last without falling apart after one wash.

read more › Whether you are running a business or competing in a contest, one thing that's key to your success is creating a strong sense of team spirit and camaraderie. While there are many ways to encourage teamwork and to build a team identity, one of the most effective methods is to use uniforms. A team uniform encourages the members of your group to think of themselves as part of a larger whole, and it also encourages them to take pride in their role in it. If you want to create high quality uniforms for your team, you can turn to our experts here at Artwear Inc.

read more › There's nothing like a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and cover up a bad hair day. You probably wear hats quite a bit, and you prefer when they match your style or feature a cool design. If you want to customize a few hats with your business' logo for advertising purposes, let us help at Artwear Inc. We create custom logo hats for businesses throughout the Kernersville, North Carolina area, and we're eager to get started on your project. The first thing you need to let us know when we create custom logo hats for your business is how you want your hats to look.

read more › You want people to see your business' logo as much as possible. Getting your business' information and branding out there frequently is an excellent marketing technique that can provide noticeable returns over time. You have probably added your logo to different kinds of merchandise up to this point, but if you want to create custom logo shirts to add to your arsenal, turn to us at Artwear Inc. We are a well-known custom embroidery provider in the Kernersville, North Carolina area thanks to our quick turnaround times, impeccable customer service, and high-quality work.

read more › While laser etching is a wonderful option used in the graphic design industry, it is important to work with a company that is experienced. At Artwear Inc., we know what to expect based on the material being used and will always advise you accordingly, so you get the results you are hoping to see. For example, laser etching on polyester products "melts" the top layer of fabric creating a smooth, tonal design. Laser etching on cotton & cotton blends removes the dye, creating a design in the color of the native fiber.

read more › Whether you need one or thousands, we can keep your customers happy and looking their best with digital heat transfers. The heat transfer process has many advantages over screen printing and here at Artwear Inc., we believe you'll love being able to offer your clients an alternative to a short-run custom screen-printing production. Not only are there no screen charges to drive up the price, we are also not limited in the number of colors that we can use when doing a heat transfer project at our Kernersville, North Carolina shop.

read more › Our in-house graphic design professionals can assist you with designing patches for your customers. Some patch designs have been around for decades, such as boy scout and girl scout patches. Other patches are limited in quantity, such as being used for the members of a company sports league. At Artwear Inc., we have the flexibility to produce patches in whatever quantity you need, whether you only need a small batch or a large batch of thousands. Our minimum order is 50, but we can produce several thousand if that is what your customer requires.

read more › There are many ways in which individuals in the Kernersville, North Carolina area use clothing to distinguish themselves from others. Here at Artwear Inc., we want to help you create a style and look that is all your own with a variety of different clothing options, including custom embroidered patches. Whether you are an individual looking for something different or part of a club or business that wants to hand out custom embroidered patches to a group, we can help create the best options for you.

read more › Our team has the right experience to create the perfect clothing patches for your team or event. Our team here at Artwear Inc. understands that the desire to customize your clothing is a universal one-after all, fashion is a medium for self-expression, and it's only natural to want your wardrobe to reflect some of your individuality. While in the past, all clothing had to be custom-made, today's technology and mass manufacturing methods have made clothes much cheaper, but they also mean that you have to select from a range of pre-made options.

read more › At Artwear Inc., our team produces custom-made applique and reverse applique for a wide range of applications. We can produce team name and numbers for sporting uniforms, large logos, vintage or other enhancements to traditional embroidery designs, and much more. We are able to decorate unique locations on bags, hats, and shirts, as well as embroider on thick leather or make custom leather applique shapes. We can even embroider off the edge in certain applications. We never run scared from a request to try something new because that is how we've been able to continuously add new things to our menu of offerings since our inception in 1993.

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