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Brian Allen FlyLand Designs is a graphic artist studio founded in 2006 by me, Brian Allen. I'm a freelance illustrator, Graphic designer, and Art Mercenary living with my wife, and two hell-spawn in Pennsylvania, USA. I've created artwork for Rock/metal bands' album covers, Breweries, T-Shirt and Apparel companies, Packaging design agencies, Motorcycle graphics distributers and clubs, sports team mascots, Magazines, music videos, Children's Book publishers, and just about anything you can shake a Wacom pen at.

Over time, I've developed the skills and processes to finish a project quickly, efficiently, and on target. I've assembled a team of reliable talent that brings a level of versatility to each project a solo artist can't match. As a full-time freelance studio, we have the time and resources to commit fully to your project. I create unique, high-impact artwork in two very different styles: light and dark, which is an unusual mix.

My versatile styles attracts children and adults alike. I genuinely enjoy illustrating fun, happy things as much as I enjoy designing dark, creepy things.

read more › When not touring the world in his stupid band, he can be found spending time with his awesomely awesome wife Lillah and their adorable puppy Dexter. Joe Seifert has a wide range of experience in producing animations, illustrations, 3d models and motion graphics packages for a variety of platforms. He's worked on a full range of clients from small startups to full scale agencies with clients such as BET, Nike, Conair and Activision. He has a BS in Media Arts & Animation, and piercing blue eyes that will make all your problems go away.

read more › I work with apparel brands, entrepreneurs, retailers, heavy metal bands, and many other types of clients. You can hire me to illustrate and design T-Shirts, posters, album covers, graphic decals, comic books, and even websites and ipad apps. Even when the subject matter of the illustration is dark, I like to try to squeeze in a little humor into everything I do. I'm a big fan of classic monster movies, and the art direction of 80's style toys and games, and generally anything that is creepy and a bit goofy at the same time.

read more › Being a freelance illustrator for hire, I've developed the ability to illustrate in many different styles. In stark contrast to my darker style, I also really enjoy illustrating characters, mascots, and illustrations in a bright, detailed, and often humorous comic book style. My clients hire me to design and illustrate for all types of projects, including website banners, album covers, mascot designs for sports teams and branding, editorial illustrations for magazines, book covers, and more. Custom Illustrations for packaging design, comic books, mascots, web banners, editorials, and T-Shirts for the lighter side.

read more › The t-shirt designs in this section were all created using a limited color silk-screen process. The t-shirt designs in the section below were all created using full-color processes such as Direct-To-Garment, Dye-Sublimation, or Heat Transfer. One of the most common projects clients hire me for are illustrations for T-Shirt design. I have a lot of experience designing for silk screening, but I've also been designing a lot for Direct-To-Garment printing, which can really produce some amazing designs.

read more › Silk-screen t-shirt illustration I created in tribute to the legendary Cheech and Chong from Up In Smoke with the characters as weed-eating, brain-smoking zombies. I drew this artwork in Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5) with a Wacom Cintiq. Speed-Inking Tutorial video I created for the process of digitally inking an album cover for the Brazillian band John Wayne in Manga Studio 5 (Clip Studio Paint) with a Wacom Cintiq 24HD. A Collection of guides and articles about everyday Freelance challenges, such as preparing taxes, budgeting, marketing, and all that fun stuff.

read more › Video Tutorials for Digital Artists in Manga Studio 5, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other illustration tools. Silk-screen t-shirt illustration I created in tribute to the legendary Cheech and Chong from Up In Smoke with the characters as weed-eating, brain-smoking zombies. I drew this artwork in Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5) with a Wacom Cintiq. Just got these vinyl zombie toys I designed! A series of character concept turn-arounds I illustrated for a series of vinyl zombie figurines that will be manufactured and sold in a catalog.

read more › 22 Texture BrushesThe brushes are useful for all styles of illustration. As a freelance digital illustrator, I use them primarily for Comic Book illustration, t-shirt design, logo design, character and concept illustration, sketching, and painting. Extensive as they are beautiful, these brush sets mimic the unique look of traditional materials such as Watercolor and Ink. Ideal for digital artists looking to kick their art up a notch! An amazing collection of 200+ groundbreaking brushes from an industry master, Roy Frenden.

read more › I highly recommend Brian's brush sets, whether you've been making digital art for a while, or are just getting started. Digital inking is something I reluctantly embraced due to necessity. I didn't care for it at first, but that changed when I discovered Brian Allen's sets of amazing inking tools for Manga Studio/Clip Paint. I'm amazed not only at the range of brushes he has created and made available, but also by the wonderful variety of lines, strokes and effects I am able to easily create with them.

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