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Hull Graphic Design Design-driven companies succeed. They retain the best talent and outperform the competition in revenue growth. They attract more customers because great design translates into great content, leading to better customer experiences. Design is collaborative and evolutionary. Truly great design doesn't happen in a vacuum. HGD will create engaging communications that deliver consistent messages and enduring customer experiences.

Design makes the experience. In this digital era we make it easy for you with a complete online marketing solution and professional Internet presence assisted by a full Customer Care team at an 800-number 24/7. Dedicated, professional, efficient. HGD is the ideal partner in my world of high-intensity media/publishing project management. HGD is always available, very knowledgeable, and willing to communicate and work tirelessly to help reach desired goals of clients.

I look forward to many more years of utilizing their graphic design expertise. HGD, thank you sooooooo much for your endless support in all of our special projects and publishing work.

read more › HGD has grown and adapted to clients' communications needs, changing environments of creative and business technologies, and an ever-changing business climate for over 30 years. Having double-majored in Biology and Studio Art, Ginny worked for nearly 10 years full-time in pharmaceutical and recruitment advertising and medical publishing. Her combined work experience in graphic arts production, account management, graphic design and art direction, equipped her for entrepreneurship. She started a freelance graphic design business on the side of her art director position during the last 4 years of full-time employment.

read more › Graphic design exerts a tremendous influence on a company's image, service, or product. It's a necessary component of your overall business strategy. After understanding your business and design objectives, we develop and provide a marketing approach and creative direction for your visual communication needs and then coordinate all of the production details and partner relationships through final delivery. Talent is difficult to define, but we've got it! We successfully develop ideas and concepts for your design objectives using typography, color, paper, ink, and imagery, effectively delivering your message to its intended audience.

read more › One major challenge for a business is gaining clients by getting potential customers interested in your products or services. Potential customers are looking for solutions to their problems, or ways to improve their business. To get their attention your brochure or catalog needs to focus on the benefits they will enjoy by making a purchase from you. Remember, people don't buy telephone answering machines to record messages. They buy them so they will never miss an important call again. A quality brochure or catalog will introduce your products and services to potential customers in an easy and straightforward way.

read more › A high-quality logo transcends language. Studies show even young children can identify many popular brands just based on their logo alone. In our increasingly consumer-driven society, branding creates a recognizable identity. We want to captivate and interest the consumer, whether they are a corporate executive or an everyday buyer. Using graphic tools such as form, colors, textures, type styles, and other imagery, we evoke emotions connecting a consumer to a brand and desire to continue to buy.

read more › Publication design is aimed at different audiences, from consumer to corporate to trade. You want to know your audience, as well as any industry standards. We have worked with a wide variety of publications including professional journals, periodicals, magazines, product catalogs, newsletters, white papers, annual reports, books, and everything in between. HGD explores all the issues that influence your publication design, including transport and display, issues of sustainability, and the impact of advances in technology.

read more › Information graphics or "infographics" are popular in our media. The artistic visual representations of charts and diagrams, data or knowledge, are intended to present information quickly and clearly. Simplifying complex data to be understood at a glance improves cognition and enhances our human visual system's ability to see and retain patterns and trends. Modern infographics have got to be much more robust as they are a vital way of providing the most important information you wish a customer, client, or audience to grasp in a very short period of time.

read more › We are located in a beautiful New England town named Bethel, Connecticut. Our claim to fame is the birthplace of P. T. Barnum (1810) who became the Greatest Showman in the world. In this electronic age we can meet with you wherever you are with online screen sharing technologies. If you find yourself in our Connecticut neighborhood, please stop in, we're happy to meet you!.

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