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Bug Press is currently accepting orders by non-contact methods such as online, email, or curbside. The health of our community remains paramount, so our clients will not be able to freely enter the facility. Pickup/dropoff of materials can take place at our side door, north of the main entrance. Call (707-822-2001) or tap on the window when you arrive and we will come to the door.

If there is another client in the pickup area, please wait until they are finished before approaching. We offer the best printing services on the North Coast. Business cards, brochures, posters, art prints, greeting cards, stickers, magnets, and much more for discerning local businesses, artists, and manufacturers like you. We've had the privilege to serve Humboldt for over 40 years, and in that time we've developed a unique understanding for the needs of our community.

We value the relationships with local artists and businesses we've had the opportunity to collaborate with, and we'd be honored to work with you!

read more › Printing at any shop can be intimidating. That's why we've created a series of guidelines for printing here, as well as a collection of regularly updating resources, like tutorials, time saving tricks and shortcuts. That's why we've created guidelines for file preparation, as well as a collection of resources and tutorials. We recommend preparing files in 'Press Quality' PDF format. If you are unable to send a PDF, we also accept high-resolution JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more. Use a minimum of 300 DPI (image resolution) at output size.

read more › Our templates are only recommended for design professionals, or those who are very comfortable with graphic design software from Adobe. If you're unsure how to proceed we have skilled designers in-house who can set up your job for you. To begin your project, click to download the template for your desired application. If you don't have InDesign or Illustrator, you can download the PDF version to place as a guides layer in your preferred design program. Please be sure to review our Print Guidelines located on our Help page before submitting files.

read more › How long will my job take to complete? Completion depends on current work load and the complexity of your project. Whereas posters or flyers can be done in a day or two, jobs with extensive set-up or bindery such as greeting cards will take longer. Proofing takes time as well. If there is a deadline, we will work with that timeframe. Can I come in to look at samples? Yes! It's incredibly helpful to personally look at papers to get a feel for weight and texture. In addition, our previous projects offer great inspiration and can give a sense of the quality of work we do here.

read more › We've put together some tutorials and shortcuts to help if you're creating your own files for upload. Navigate to Fill and choose your desired color. For colors other than those listed, enter the corresponding six digit HTML color code (Example format: 0x123456). Click Done in the bottom right corner when you are finished. This opens the Edit Text box which allows changing the font, size, color, and alignment of your text. If you'd only like to change part of the text, simply highlight just that portion.

read more › This tutorial will walk you through a basic white ink design. For more complex projects, or projects done in Photoshop, it may be best to come by the shop with your design questions. Note: Due to the frequent complexity of white ink design, we strongly recommend a hardcopy press proof for designers utilizing white ink. This can save time, money and frustration! Then create your white swatch. Go to the Swatches panel and click New Color Swatch. It should be named White, with the W capitalized. The color type should be Spot.

read more › John James Audubon's Birds of America is a portal into the natural world. Printed between 1827 and 1838, it contains hundreds of life-size watercolors of North American birds (Havell edition), all reproduced from hand-engraved plates, and is considered to be the archetype of wildlife illustration. Nearly 200 years later, the Audubon prints are coming to life once again, thanks to the generosity of the National Audubon Society. The images are provided courtesy of the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove in Audubon, Pennsylvania, and the Montgomery County Audubon Collection.

read more › Complementary posters available through April. We like art and love to share, so we restore images from the past and print posters that are free to the public. Sometimes we'll also feature a local artist or designer. If you have any suggestions for pieces you'd like to see printed in the future, or you'd like to be a featured artist, shoot us an email!

read more › For October and November, we're featuring photography from our DOCUMERICA series as well as a poster from nwgsd.org titled In Our America. The entire series of fifteen prints will be on display in our front gallery windows through August. Very few of the railway posters emphasized, or even included, the trains themselves. A majority focused on the countryside, the architecture, the people one could meet. It was more the development of a narrative, the suggestion of an experience, than an advertisement for trains.

read more › For spring 2019, we're featuring the works of two local artists, Stock Schlueter and Paul Rickard. Our featured artist for the start of 2019 is local talent Jon Bout. Featured prints for March and April are fifteen select paintings from Susanna Gallisdorfer of Keeping Vigil Press. Featured prints for January and February are ten select illustrations from Michael Zontos.

read more › Tina Gleave is a Fine Art Silk Painter. While her vivid and vibrant patterns may be reminiscent of stained-glass or an impressionist painting, her style represents an ethereal and dreamy bliss of our natural world, with its changing seasons and brilliant gardens. Tina studied Art Therapy in college, a time that opened her heart and mind to the possibilities of making her career as an artist. She ultimately earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Humboldt State University. While completing her business degree she also took courses in drawing and painting.

read more › My work utilizes found amateur photography as well as my own family photographs as reference. The found photographs I collect have been discarded or left behind, while the photographs of my relatives and distant family are from a time unknown to myself. They both bear similar archaic qualities or obscured histories. These photographs themselves are objects of my exploration. By translating them into the mediums of drawing or painting an echo is created that asks for pause. My work hints at the visual commonalities of how we record and interpret our histories through photography.

read more › For the Holidays, we'll also be selling limited edition boxed cards and a 16x20 matted print on our luxe cotton paper. A set of 10 boxed greeting cards is $30, and the art print is $60. A majority of proceeds will go to the artist. It seems that I've been interested in art for most of my life. From a very young age I was always wanting to create something whether it be paintings, sculptures, building crazy bikes, or playing music. Growing up in Santa Monica, Huntington Beach and then going to high school in Big Bear Lake exposed me to many different situations.

read more › For May and June, we're excited to feature the watercolor works of local artist Maureen McGarry. Maureen McGarry moved to Humboldt County in 1975 to study art at Humboldt State University. She also chose Humboldt County because it is a stunningly beautiful place. From the moment she pulled into the town of Arcata for the first time, she knew the Redwood Coast would be her home. Awakened by her surroundings, she always brought the influence of the local natural elements into her art. Whether through the colors in her palette, her inclination toward organic forms, or her direct interpretation of landscape, the world behind the redwood curtain provided stimulation and inspiration.

read more › Transitioning into fall, we're featuring a wonderful series of local work by photographer James Adam Taylor. Fifteen pieces are on display in our shop windows through October. I'm a relatively recent addition to Humboldt County. I landed here in the summer of 2014 after a year in Portland and a few years of constant movement. For a season I called small towns in Oregon and Washington home, a stint in Chicago and time in Philadelphia, six months on the Appalachian Trail, and my home state of New Jersey.

read more › Twenty six years after making a mid-life career change from the natural food business to art, I continue to work everyday at honing my skills and expanding my vision as a painter. As a California native, I believe our state has some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes of anywhere I have traveled, yet it was the incredible variety and beauty of Humboldt County that inspired me to become primarily a landscape painter in the first place. After experimenting with several mediums, I discovered that oils gave me the most vibrant color, and the most flexibility, for working on both small and large sized canvases, indoors and on location.

read more › Born in Berkeley, California in 1957, I moved to Arcata from the Bay Area in 1974 to study art at HSU, graduating in 1979 with emphases in representational drawing, landscape painting, and life drawing. I have pursued a passionate study of watercolor technique over the ensuing years. I am well known in Northern California for my figurative and floral works. Joyce's paintings are displayed year round in Arcata at the Arcata Artisans Cooperative Gallery, Core Pilates Studio, and Hot Knots; in Trinidad at Strawberry Rock Gallery; in McKinleyville at Edward Jones; and in Eureka at Here & There in Old Town.

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