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Every aspect of our client's design needs is kept in-house, enabling us to deal directly with our clients throughout the creative process. Offering our clients a more personal experience ensures that their vision becomes a reality; we want our clients to speak to us as often as they like to answer questions, discuss and generate ideas and let us know that we are on the right track.

How you represent your Company to the marketplace affects the type and amount of business you will attract. AKA Group can help relieve that burden by assisting you with our graphic design skills covering all aspects of your business needs. Our goal is to make you and your company stand out to your customers, no matter what medium you choose. Consistency in your look and appearance is the key to "branding" in the marketplace.

The branding of your company should remain the same in all aspects of advertising. We design websites that incorporate your logo so that the momentum gained from putting your brand out there can pick up speed and launch your business into your desired market.

read more › AKA Group is an amalgamation of three friends who came together to combine our skills to help provide personalized service for our clients. With over 25 years of experience in customer service and graphic design, we wanted to offer our clients friendly one-on-one service while providing them with high-quality customized designs based on our clients' vision for their business. We specialize in ensuring that our clients' brand continuity spans all media. We pride ourselves on making that special connection with our clients enabling us to better understand what they want to achieve in presenting their business image.

read more › The branding of your company should remain the same in all aspects of advertising. We design websites that incorporate your logo so that the momentum gained from putting your brand out there can pick up speed and launch your business into your desired market. Your website will be user-friendly, accessible and built to web standards. It will look good, be relevant and be optimized for search engines. Accessibility on the internet will solidify the relationship between your company and your customer; how your customer feels after visiting your site is a reflection of your company and its success.

read more › A Company's logo is their signature; when people see it, they know that company instantly without need of further explanation. This method of "branding" is everywhere in our daily lives and it can truly lift a business up to the top. AKA Group can help you create your "brand" by designing an emblem that will give your company a good and lasting first impression. Your unique and memorable mark can and should be integrated throughout all of the elements of your business media. We can incorporate your brand into your website, product lines, print media and business aids and promote it through social media.

read more › AKA Group can help you create custom business aids to help promote your business. Your logo can be incorporated into invoices, receipts, applications or any other business forms you need to help keep you organized while also promoting your brand. Imprinting your brand or products on notepads, calendars, refrigerator magnets, pens/pencils and decals can provide you with useful advertisement tools that can be shared with current or potential customers. We can create artwork that you can place on your vehicle window or door to help promote your brand everywhere you go.

read more › Advertising is all about communication. The goal of advertising is getting your Company noticed; to show off your Company to as many people as possible. A very effective way to spread the word is through print media. Brochures are a versatile way to present your Company in a full-color spread that can be placed for distribution anywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes; there is no wrong format for a brochure. We will work with you to produce the right presentation to display your Company and its products or features without destroying your budget, creating better communication between you and your customers.

read more › Product design is the cornerstone of many businesses. Whether the design is a new creation or artwork to be placed on merchandise, AKA Group can help you. From garage signs and table toppers to badges and challenge coins, window decals and calendars, canvas wall art and clocks, and everything in between; we have the knowledge, experience and the ability to help you bring your visions to life.

read more › The internet has truly made the world a smaller place. It no longer takes days for news to reach the world, but mere seconds. Your ability to quickly connect with your desired market on a broader scale has gotten easier with the evolution of Social Media. We can help you navigate through the different applications of the Social Media universe to find the right fit for you and your business to connect with your customers. From Facebook to Pinterest to creating a Blog, we can get you started and/or help you maintain your account(s) and keep you connected through the digital world that is ever expanding.

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