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Abovo The design team at Abovo took the time to intimately get to know the branding, colors and vision of ClosingGifts.com in order to produce this website. Not only is the website simple to use for the people (Realtors, bankers, mortgage lenders) using it but it fully encompasses the branding of ClosingGifts.com. Andrew loves sharing experiences and telling stories.

His travels and jobs across the nation (and world) create the team member your brand and story need. Jennifer's experience is a powerful tool for your arsenal. With over 20 years in marketing, advertising and strategy, Jennifer's knowledge will bring your brand or story to new heights. Jack expresses his talents by creating words out of feelings, emotions and experiences through music and writing.

His abilities give Team Abovo one of the best writers in this region. Allyson's passion for crafting and interior design shine through her abilities as a graphic designer. There isn't a project or design she can't handle. Kristen can complete any task or challenge she's given.

read more › With online radio streaming services continuing to command more and more of the radio listener base, having a presence on platforms such as Spotify and Pandora is a simple and effective way to reach those who have moved away from traditional radio. At Abovo, we have the capability and experience to take a radio spot from your concept to the listeners ears, handling every step along the way. With our library of radio-ready backing audio, being heard is easier than ever. Simply select your track and we'll do the rest.

read more › Team Abovo put together a list, including the setup, of six different styles of headshots. From casual, to formal, to unexpected find the right look and stick with it! Team Abovo executed a campaign for Hatch Reality that took advantage of the hype around the season 8 premiere of HBO's iconic series Game of Thrones. North Dakota-based real estate brokerage, Hatch Realty, needed to capture the attention of potential home sellers. Team Abovo tackles creating a pint package design as sweet as farm fresh, small batch gelato.

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