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ActiveEdge is an integrated marketing firm, successfully combining new media technologies with traditional marketing methodologies for a seamless online and offline marketing communication and brand experience. We are lean and responsive with the expertise to successfully plan and execute programs in any number of traditional marketing and new media platforms.

We use our strategic, creative and technical savvy to develop and execute marketing initiatives that help you achieve your goals and objectives. We get results on small projects, mid-size campaigns, or long-range strategic plans to add measurable value to your company's marketing efforts.

read more › ActiveEge offers an integrated approach to marketing that translates our client's needs into visible, highly interactive, and seamless communication. We provide a robust, sensory rich marketing experience that captures attention and generates demand. We rely on our six core marketing competencies of Marketing, Branding, Web, Print, Interactive, and Technology to provide tailored solutions for our clients business, sales, and marketing challenges.

read more › Bevan Wang co-founded Active Edge New Media, Inc. (ActiveEdge) in 1997. As Creative Design Director, Bevan was responsible for developing ActiveEdge as a company by building a production department from the ground up. He had a hand in every project that was developed at ActiveEdge by lending his guidance and expert knowledge. Bevan was a wonderful individual. It didn't take much to get him excited, a cool new application, a cool visual asset, sometimes even a great tasting cookie. And his excitement was contagious.

read more › ActiveEdge offers a per-project, per-service or ongoing consultative type of working relationship with our clients to address their specific marketing needs. From high-tech start up to mature manufacturers, our marketing services benefit a variety of business types and sizes. Our client list includes high profile international companies as well as locally operated firms with regional and/or national presence. Our strategic and tactical marketing expertise is a valuable asset to our clients who use our services to supplement their in-house resources.

read more › Building a brand is a complex endeavor. It usually starts with a logo & corporate identification. The logo, as the primary company identifier, visually conveys a perception of who the company is and what the company represents. That representation may be bold, playful, reserved or technical depending on the personality of the company. The corporate identification is typically introduced as letterhead, signage, uniforms or other customer facing materials and interactions. ActiveEdge works with start-up firms to identify that unique and memorable presence as well as with larger, more established firms looking to update an older logo with a current appeal.

read more › Email marketing is common promotion that may drive users to the site. Quite often email campaigns are used in conjunction with other traditional media to generate web traffic. Once again ActiveEdge will help asses the complexity and level of control the client would like to maintain and make recommendations on how best to execute. Email marketing is equally as creative as it is technical and therefore needs a blended approach to be successful. Our team brings both a marketing perspective and all the knowledge of technically how to accomplish the task.

read more › As much as companies are promoting their businesses online, they are still maintaining a strong component of print communication in their marketing mix. Unlike the online experience with its rigidly defined spaces, varying connection speeds, and one page-per-view exposure, print communication offers a variety of options for collateral materials that capture attention by their presence alone. The tactile sensation of a fine-quality, weighted paper for a business card, the striking large-format visual of a trade show display, or the attention grabbing packaging of a product on the store shelf are all examples of the impact print materials can have on the perception of a company in the market.

read more › Promotion through digital media and interactive experiences is the new era of marketing. ActiveEdge expertly blends the use of this new tool set with proven marketing formulas for a truly integrated marketing approach. Experiential marketing involves the audience in a way that gets them to relate, think, feel, or act. This can be visual, auditory, through touch or some other form of interaction. We understand the audience, the message, and goals of the initiative and make suggestions on interactive pieces that fit the client's criteria and budget.

read more › Technology is the unsung hero behind digital media and interactive success. Quite often projects call for complex computer programming to make web sites, extranets, intranets or data perform seamlessly, or to be able to manage web site content efficiently. Technology allows the parts and pieces to work inside existing platforms, networks and servers while providing a pleasurable user experience. In those instances, ActiveEdge is ready with programmers who are well versed in programming languages such as HTML, SQL, ASP and PHP.

read more › The technology industry is based on new ideas, creative use of assets, and unique approaches to existing challenges. It's fast paced and exciting. Marketing high-tech has to be as quick, fresh, and as insightful as the technology itself. ActiveEdge has a strong track record of marketing in the high-tech sector. We've worked with emerging start-up companies to define their identities, develop their first company logos, and create their corporate identification packages. We've consulted on brand strategies with more established businesses to launch new products and software releases to their markets as well as leverage existing company awareness down through their individual brands.

read more › Professional service firms rely heavily on their intellectual capital, client interactions, and overall reputations. They are relationship driven. Relational marketing focuses on the development or fostering of a relationship between the company and their market. ActiveEdge understands the distinct challenges involved with marketing professional services in a competitive marketplace. We approach each project from a strategic marketing perspective to identify thought leadership patterns that reveal the true nature of the firm.

read more › Manufacturers face constantly changing conditions. Oversees competition, supplier consolidation, and rapidly emerging production technologies create a fiercely competitive marketplace where sustained market share and new business development are critical to survival. ActiveEdge is experienced in working with manufactures in regional, national, and global environments. We've helped industrial manufactures research opportunities and then build marketing strategies to target those opportunities. We've developed and executed tactical marketing plans for manufacturers that included traditional print collateral material such as brochures, data sheets, direct mail, advertising, and packaging.

read more › Non-profit entities, organizations, and business associations alike all share the same vital need to effectively communicate. They must successfully market their causes in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Their goals are multi-functional to inform members, coordinate volunteers, solicit financial contributors, build trust within their communities, instill a shared sense of teamwork, and deliver exemplary service to their constituents. Marketing for non-profits needs to be able to translate that passion, teamwork and cause in a way that elicits action.

read more › The leisure industry is experiential. Marketing a hospitality, entertainment or travel company is all about capturing the heart of a business in a way that makes the consumer feel comfortable, at ease, and part of something special. It fosters a personal relationship and conveys the pleasure of an outstanding experience to forge relationships, build awareness, and encourage loyalty. Creating ways to engage an audience in a print or online environment takes creativity, insight and inspiration. ActiveEdge is experienced in helping hospitality and other leisure related companies extend their in-person experience with visual, contextual, and interactive cues.

read more › The healthcare industry is dynamic and exciting. ActiveEdge works in a number of different aspects of the healthcare industry from front-line healthcare workers and hospitals to the pharmaceutical clinical trial space. ActiveEdge has lent our copywriting and advertising design expertise to clarify messaging and create strong visual appeal for an Inc. 500 medical staffing company. Multiple audiences of permanent staffing, temporary staffing, and healthcare facility audiences mandated the creation of a family of print advertising that reflected the corporate brand guidelines.

read more › ActiveEdge provides marketing solutions for a number of different types of companies in a broad range of industries. Check out our case studies to see some examples of what we've done. The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.

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