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I designed this website from concept to completion. Squarspace Barbosa template was the starting point which I completely customized. After I added keywords and optimized the site for both search engines and visitors, I verified it with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. Additionally, I designed the logo and retouched and sharpened all photos as well.

I hired Ivana Vavakova to design a website for me to give greater exposure to my ceramics work. We discussed why I wanted a website, how I'd like it to be used, the look I was after. We then discussed specifics-the different bodies of text, their purpose, the photos I wanted incorporated, colors I was interested in using, type of font, size of font.

She gave me her expert opinion, made thoughtful suggestions and recommendations. She worked hard to create a website that I would be proud and succeeded beyond my expectations. Throughout, she worked hard to see that certain words were strategically placed, so that the website would be called up on google trough many different searches.

read more › Ivana is an expert Graphic Designer who spent 23 years in New York City as a Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director for leading corporations such as Brooks Brothers, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Chanel, and Scott Kay. She has a broad range of design experience in a variety of industries including automotive aftermarket accessories, cosmetics, apparel and fashion, luxury goods and jewelry. In addition to graphic design, she is experienced in providing artistic direction to photographers, videographers and stylists.

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