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The Design Syndicate Even before taking a single bite, a simple message or powerful image can wield enormous power and resonate its flavor with your customers. We believe that stripping a message down to its simplest most succinct elements is the most effective use of a readers time. Quick and powerful delivery can stir up new clients hungry for intelligent thought. For us, effective advertising and design is about creating a simple, targeted and persuasive message that is tasteful and memorable to your audience.

We have one goal in mind for every project: make a difference in our clients' business by cutting through the industry clutter and reaching their audience in new and unique ways. Whether established marketing department or corporate startup, we position ourselves as your in-house graphics resource and marketing partner. We are value-focused, aimed at saving you money on your advertising and marketing programs, graphic design projects and communication initiatives.

With our personal service and quick response time, think of us as your "down-the-hall" resource, ready to ask "how high" when you say "jump."

read more › We offer a wide array of services ranging from unique graphic design solutions for corporate communications projects to integrated advertising, events graphics and direct mail campaigns, writing, production and print coordination as well as custom, web site development and web-based application development. We're your partner and your advocate on every media front. We will go into battle proudly carrying your brand banner every step of the way. So, whether it's a new corporate identity, capabilities brochure or trade show graphics, we're out there beating the drum and driving your message to your audience.

read more › Effective communications collateral, in whatever form it may take, is key to the successful growth of any business. Message delivery, impact and customer recall are the keys to effective marketing in any industry. And with the keys in hand, you can drive your business anywhere you want to go. From the simplest form; the business card and logo mark, to a complex, multi-faceted and integrated campaign or product launch, developing your business' visibility and building your brand should be high on your priority list.

read more › Although a large portion of integrated marketing communications programs are focused on web marketing, you can't yet eliminate print marketing materials! Print is still considered the king of marketing collateral and an important informational, product and branding vehicle. Even with the ever increasing popularity of the web, people still want to see, hold and carry a brochure outlining products or services. A brochure or capabilities piece establishes instant credibility and says this is a well organized, focused and substantial business that is going to be here for you for the long haul.

read more › Perhaps the most important and basic piece of any company's branding effort - the company logo, logo mark or icon must communicate all that you do and all that you stand for in one graphic symbol. Its importance should not be underestimated. Usually on a business card, this graphic is the first thing a customer sees, after your sales rep, when interfacing with your business. And after that rep has gone, it is at the least, the one thing that will stay behind as a reminder of your business.

read more › Direct Mail and email campaigns are effective tools for generating sales and increasing brand awareness among new and existing customers. Email campaigns can inform customers of everything from special offers, sales and product rollouts, to new web site launches. In addition to these sales-oriented campaigns, more and more companies are using e-newsletters for brand reinforcement and consumer surveys to gather information about their customers, consumer buying habits and product feedback. Generally more well received than a direct appeal for a sale, E-newsletters and information based email provide customers with useful and pertinent information that they will be more willing to receive.

read more › The art and craft of the traditional display ad is getting lost with in the flood of new and different types of media that have recently emerged. We have effectively crafted many print ad campaigns for our clients. As part of an overall marketing plan, your display advertising initiative can become a highly effective tool in helping to increase sales, visibility and brand awareness with your audience. As audiences and media continue to fragment into smaller niche groups and outlets, traditional display advertising has become less effective than it once was but is still a must-have in reaching broader audiences as well as for brand development.

read more › Inevitably, the question will come up; Just how much money should I spend on an event that will be over this 3 days? Tough to answer. Budget with impact. We are specialists at that very thing. High impact visuals delivered at below market rates to fit your budget. From office products to telecommunications, we've helped our clients grab new customers with exciting and dynamic visuals crafted to draw them in.

read more › Complete corporate brand development is supported through all functional company aspects, ie. The marketing portion of brand development will include multiple elements from brochures, web site, trade show graphics, product spec sheets, etc. We continually strive to bring a unified look to all the materials we develop for our clients to help establish a solid visual presence for them. This gives them a solid footing going forward for continued visual brand identity and for the development of integrated marketing materials.

read more › On some basic level and in our own minds, we are all designers to some degree. We know instinctively what is aesthetically appealing and what is not. Our gut tells us if a business or product is relevant just by the way they package and present their product or service on the shelf. For the retail product that relies on a box, clamshell or wrapper - that container is the last chance to sway consumer opinion before final purchase. It's so important that your product stand out from the others that enough cannot be said or its importance underestimated.

read more › FlipBook digital publications with page flip effect for desktop computers and mobile devices. FlipBook is the solution for those who are looking for an affordable way to publish digitally. We can make a professional, mobile-ready FlipBook from your.pdf documents without you having to invest in expensive software assigning someone the task of learning it. Engage and impress your audience with quality digital publishing that looks more like the real deal than a templated ecommerce page. It's the next best thing to holding the printed catalog in your hand.

read more › I highly recommend working with the Design Syndicate team as a reliable and detail-oriented source. With any project presented, Richard & his team accomplishes my vision and more. Even with tight deadlines, they always exceed my expectations with their creativity and quality of work. Their team quickly established a level of trust and understanding that makes it incredibly easy to approach them with ideas and concepts because you know they'll turn it into an outstanding marketing piece. I have had the pleasure of working with Richard and his team for the past 8 years.

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