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From Fortune 500 companies to venture-seeking start-ups, we understand you need more for less - enter Thinknik:. Since Thinknik was founded in 2002, we have provided creative resources, marketing, graphic design, public relations and marcom (marketing communications) support to more than 200 companies of all sizes. What can Thinknik do for you? 20+ years of working with startups - helping to position them for more than $10 million in funding.

10 years of experience as Director of Marketing for NEC America's North Coast Logic division. Your company needs a quick study - someone who understands your business, your industry and you. Thinknik understands this and more.

We have experience working with service companies of all types (from garage doors to home improvement to pest control), technology and software companies (including NEC America and startup companies like Ayalogic, COMS and DesignArt Networks), community organizations (such as Nortech, TeamNEO and various civic organizations), entertainment companies (from developing artist press kits to board games), construction (including projects for Panzica Construction, Peninsula Architects, Design Endeavors).

read more › Childrens Technology Workshop used Thinknik for eveything from decorating the inside of their new building (from color choices to wall art) to promoting it. Israel-based DesignArt Networks works with Thinknik to create print ads, web graphics, HTML emails, Flash illustrations and product shots. A new food company (still in development) worked with Thinknik to develop cut sheets to promote their product line for an investor meeting - they are now funded and branded! When Avatar Management Services requires fast turn-around on quality graphics, they turn to Thinknik.

read more › Cutter Equipment Co. was Thinknik's first client. We worked with them to develop branding/positioning programs; helping them become a world leader in used turf equipment. HeliosIP wanted a clean, strong logo design that would help position their nascent firm as established and progressive. Flaame is a 501(c)3 organization concentrating on eliminating medical errors in hospitals. Thinknik combined the flame theme with an abstract image of the people they protect. Quorum is a legal consultancy that worked closely with Thinknik to get exactly the logo design they wanted.

read more › Louisville, Kentucky's Lebowski Fest approached Thinknik to design and package several series of pins at an affordable price - we didn't stick it to them. Thinknik turned DesignArt Network's 4-color logo into art that DesignArt's Israeli-based printer could use. In addition, we created high resolution mockups of the final product. Max Bros. was a new company with nothing more than an idea. Thinknik brought it to life by designing everything from game pieces, play money, gameboard and packaging.

read more › Thinknik has developed and created a variety of materials for video, film and theatrical events. We can make props good enough for a closeup or bold enough for stage use! From laminated identification badges to WWII printed ID tags - licenses to government IDs, we provide close-up quality art. We are thrilled to offer Photoshop composites, collages, corrections, reconstructions or any other tweak you may be looking for. Better than airbrushing and all digital! Thinknik specializes in recreating historical documents.

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