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You can easily reach the customers who matter most by targeting specific local neighborhoods or ZIP codes. Based in Oxnard, California, and founded in 1996 by highly-seasoned graphic designer and marketing strategist Penny Henschel, Ever After Designs (EAD) is a full-service graphic design and marketing communications agency specializing in the development of a diverse spectrum of high-impact, aesthetically-pleasing brand identification, sales, and marketing assets.

While attending school, Penny started out as a "coffee getter" (production assistant), but she made sure she was getting coffee for the top designer in Los Angeles area. Penny is great! She helped me to come up with he perfect design for my small business and took care of absolutely everything! She captured exactly what I wanted (almost felt like she read my mind) and I knew with her, I didn't need to worry about the final product.

I highly recommend her for any of your design needs! I have ordered several sets of business cards, event postcards, window clings, and an oversize dry erase check.

read more › This popular-sized option is an industry standard and provides excellent visibility at a great value. Mail these postcards for maximum visibility and deliver powerful messages directly to recipients. Printed on quality card stock for excellent results. These popular, GIANT-sized flyers, are the perfect choice for advertisers promoting multiple products or services.

read more › Is there a color that best describes your business, or that you have already used in previous design work? What color best communicates the emotion that you want to convey? What feeling do you want your clients to experience when they receive your product or service? By agreeing to this Agreement, Client acknowledges that they are purchasing the items in this proposal and have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated in this estimate. Client agrees to pay a nonrefundable design and development fee set forth in the attached estimated service cost (the "Deposit Required").

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