Woldt, Jenny
Woldt, Jenny At Splash Box we help our clients align marketing and branding strategies with their business objectives. We provide high end graphic design to meet marketing goals and reinforce their brand positioning with their clients. We are also proud to offer 508 Remediation Service and ADA Compliance website reviews, thereby helping to make the internet a more accessible place for the hard of sight.

Splash Box Marketing is a creative marketing and 508 ADA compliance agency located in Nashville, TN. Splash Box Marketing offers clients a fresh perspective regarding corporate identity and visual communication with quick turn around at a very competitive price. We are a trusted provider of compliance accessibility solutions, including 508 remediation, website consulting, large print documents, video and audio file creation.

We deliver high quality work, on time and within budget. Splash Box Marketing began in 2006 as a creative design agency and has grown into a multifaceted organization serving a national client base.

read more › We offer a full range of ADA accessibility services for the hard of sight community. We are dedicated to making information obtainable to everyone across both print and web platforms. We provide high quality remediation, meeting all the standards and requirements as set forth by HHS and CMS. We use the software recommended by HHS for remediation, Global Access PDF by CommonLook. Our team of compliance specialists will review every page within your website to make sure that it meets the requirements set forth by HHS.

read more › 508 and ADA compliance means that your online documents and website have undergone a procedure to make them accessible to the hard of sight. This means that when a person with limited vision accesses your documents with a screen reader, the reader makes the page come alive for them and gives them the same information a sighted person has access to, in a logical and easy to follow manner. In 2012 Splash Box expanded their capabilities to include 508 Compliance Remediation of documents for the web in order to make our client materials accessible to the hard of sight.

read more › Splash Box Marketing is a full-service, creative advertising agency. We provide graphic design for print and web. As a full service agency, we also provide our clients with all levels of printing and media buy services. Our adaptability and wiliness to become a team player for our clients creates a connection that goes beyond a vendor and makes us a vital part of their organization. We excel in using the visual communication arts to build your brand and create an image that is uniquely yours. We provide you with award winning design concepts that demand attention and get results.

read more › Since 2005 Splash Box Marketing has been helping artists get noticed in the music business. We help artist make a splash and get the attention of promoters, management and labels through quality marketing. We want to see everyone reach their dreams and we enjoy being a part of that process. At one time a record label was the only way to seriously to develop the career of an emerging recording artists. Today, when a major label signs a new artist or band, they presume the act has sufficient musical, songwriting, and performance talent, and are ready for the big time aka data points.

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