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Gingersnap Graphics We'll design your business a dynamic website that's a perfect representation of your brand, attracts new clients, and achieves measurable results! We run with your existing ideas and make them shine on paper to create something beautiful, fresh, and well, "you". We will work with your budget and come up with the right solution that's perfect for your needs.

We put our best work forward every day and are well informed on current design trends so you don't have to be. Hiring a designer ensures that the overall look and feel of all your materials will consistently capture your brand in an attractive way.

read more › Lauren's journey into graphic design started nearly 10 years ago when she was interning at a health club in Metro-Detroit. Part of the job required her to create advertisements and signs for the clubs upcoming events. Even though she had no idea what she was doing, she decided to challenge herself by learning Adobe Illustrator and InDesign watching YouTube tutorials. Fast forward to the present day and she is a bona fide freelance graphic designer creating logos, branding guidelines, marketing materials, and websites for an assortment of small businesses.

read more › Whether you're interested in re-vamping your organization's marketing materials or completely re-branding your corporate identity, Gingersnap Graphics LLC has the tools necessary to take your branding to the next level. Whether its a logo, wedding invitations, or your company website, it's crucial that the design not only looks good, but that it perfectly summarizes what your brand is all about. You want your customers to see your logo and automatically "get it" without scratching their heads. You want your friends and family to open your wedding invitation and immediately know it came from you without looking at the return address.

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