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Keylay KEYLAY is a full-service, Atlanta graphic design agency that specializes in big ideas for small businesses. Those ideas are produced by an expertly crafted team built on innovation, experience, reliability and passion for creative work. Together, we deliver an experience to our clients based on several principles. You deserve access to new ideas. New approaches.

New customers. KEYLAY understands your vision, and translates it into forward-thinking, engaging, revenue-producing content. We believe everyone has the right to their own exclusive touchpoint. That's why with KEYLAY, you will have a main point of contact to guide you through the entire experience. There will always be someone available for your project needs.

It's not just a client for us-it's a relationship. Along with KEYLAY's innovative, industry-recognized team at your disposal, we offer access to an army of design resources fit for any company or client of any size. While we pride ourselves on individual service, we can also be as small or as big as you need us to be.

read more › Your business has needs. KEYLAY has solutions. We have a broad range of services that will help you and your business not only reach your target market, but keep them coming back for more. Why do it yourself when you can have a team of industry-acclaimed experts on call designing for you? Embrace the possibilities. Your logo and brand is the visual foundation of your company. What your customers will immediately build a relationship with. KEYLAY's design experts take your company objective and target market demographic information.

read more › So what does it mean to "Experience Your Design"? At KEYLAY, we help our clients look at their brand in a whole new light by offering a diverse array of design services aimed at opening doors that never existed before. And we deliver this experience every time with. KEYLAY understands the impact of a deadline. It doesn't just affect one party or two, but many on down the line. We demand the best from our team so that you have your design deliverables when you need them, with time to spare. It's all part of the experience.

read more › Your advertisements are more than just pretty designs on shiny paper. Your company deserves more than that. Your brand is a fully functioning entity worthy of the right graphic story that will stop customers in their tracks and sell your product. KEYLAY understands your company's needs and the effort it takes to get you there. Have a brand? Need a brand? Either way, KEYLAY will design cohesive, unforgettable collateral print pieces for you. Business cards. Letterhead design. Folders and envelope design.

read more › Your brand is your client's first impression of you. And it better match your identity. Because what do they say about first impressions? KEYLAY devises and implements a brand strategy that is uniquely you, with professional-level guidance and a one-on-one interaction you cannot find anywhere else. A logo is the visual foundation of your company. What your customers will immediately build a relationship with. KEYLAY's design experts take your company objective and target market demographic information.

read more › The internet is the first-and sometimes only-place a potential customer will look for information about your company. It's even more true now with the explosion in smart phone and tablet usage. So your site needs to be optimized for whichever way the potential customer accesses it. KEYLAY is your resource for full-service, dynamic development of a site that looks like it cost a lot.but still fits in your budget. Anytime. Anywhere. Get web wonderful. Staying on top of the fastest, most progressive, most productive programming technologies is a full-time job.

read more › Your product packaging design is a crucial extension of your brand. So it's important that it fits within the brand standards. It's all about detail. Structural detail. Overall look and feel. KEYLAY offers both branding and packaging and label design, making your image consistent across all platforms, and primed for current and future trends. Whether it is on the shelf, in an online shop or hand delivered, packaging has a huge impact on your customer's decision making process. The right images, phrasing and call to action can make the difference between a sale for you, or one for your competitor.

read more › Show them what you're made of. KEYLAY is your resource to ensure that your brand successfully extends to your trade show displays. We can create custom graphic solutions for items such as table top displays, portable exhibits, large-scale exhibits and more. We can design a display from scratch, or work within specifications of rental systems. However your company decides to proceed with your trade show design, KEYLAY provides the perfect components. Take your convention or trade show to the next level.

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