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David Derr of D2 Studios Inc.worked for New Jersey advertising agencies as Art and Creative Director before starting D2 Studios Inc. in 1993. Derr has achieved national recognition with designs for clients such as A&E Cable Network, Zoom, Times Warner, Interep, M&A Advisors, Cygnus Expositions, PennWell Publications, Kidde, UTC, Curtiss Wright, and other clients in commercial as well as entertainment fields.

His expertise includes the design of, logos, brochures, presentations, corporate identity packages, websites, CD/DVD and Book covers, Magazine design and layout, Trade show publications and collateral materials, Corporate communications, ads, software interfaces, etc.

He also does work with non-profit organizations such as; the NJ Storytelling Festival, The Masterwork Chorus, The Arts Council of the Morris Area, and Pre-School Advantage, as well as internationally recognized musicians and artists, designing pieces that heighten audience awareness and perception.Derr also is on the advisory board for an up and coming theater company based out of Manhattan.

read more › The feel of a good paper stock, the smell of freshly printed material (subconsciously the smell speaks to a part of our brain that registers the product is something new and exciting), the play of light off the paper with different types of varnishes (either gloss or dull and my favorite a combination of each), the ability to custom die-cut pieces and incorporate different textures and folds just carries a richness of experience. Printed pieces encourages a degree of concentration and contemplation, the internet encourages diversity in choices and giving information in short bursts.

read more › D2 Studios Graphic Design create logos that enhance your businesses image and set the stage for its growth. Logos needs to be eye catching and simple, innovative. Your logo gives the first impression of your business. At D2 Studios Graphic Design we Dress your business for success. Contact us for more specifics included in the packages. D2 Studios Graphic Design was commissioned to rebrand the 4-year old NYC based Diverse City Theater Co. with a logo that would be recognizable at-a-glance and iconic.

read more › Updated all printed and electronic literature, corporate ID, and signage for The Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association. FEMSA represents over 140 companies and needed a new "look" that equally represented the fire and EMS industries. The initial design process included concepts incorporating various images from both the Fire and EMS sectors. After consideration we decided that it would be best to tie all the collateral pieces together by using the image created for their new website.

read more › There are three schools of thought. The cynics hold that a good advertisement is an advertisement with a client's OK on it. Another school accepts Raymond Rubicam's definition. The best identification of a great advertisement is that its public is not only strongly sold by it, but that both the public and the advertising world remember it for a long time as an admirable piece of work. I have produced my share of advertisements which have been remembered by the advertising world as admirable pieces of work, but I belong to the third school, which holds that a good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.

read more › Packaging is what brings a brand to life. The packaging is the products identity, its public face. And it continually plays the message in people's homes. The outside design has to really grab a customer to want them to choose it among its competitive products. The more competitors you have in running the business, the more important packaging design you have to think about, especially as we speak about how to make a great difference between your product with any others. Think about this, a package has approximately three seconds to grab someone's attention.

read more › At D2 Studios we design extraordinary CD/DVD Jackets. And not only that, a good design keep in mind that it must translate well into a variety of media including digital and social media. A great CD/DVD jacket, however, is so arresting that it makes you pick up the book/CD in the first place. Check out what our clients say about our designs.

read more › Often overlooked, the "design" of a tradeshow is overall just as important as creating a client booth for tradeshows. We have worked with a variety of industries including the Public Saftey Sector which includes: Firefighters, Law Enforcement, and EMS. We also have designed events for Auto Shows and special Corporate Events. The goal was to visually represent distinctive aspects that would attract firefighters and exhibitors alike. An additional consideration was a tie-in with the EMS Expo classes being offered at the same show.

read more › Theatrical Event Design is one of the most exciting things to do when you are a graphic designer. The goal was to design promotional materials that would reflect both aspects of the lead character's existence. After an in-depth conversation with the company's artistic director and much consideration of the underlying story line, we arrived at the idea of the split woman. The original image was solely that of a black woman. By adding tribal scarification features to the right side of her face, she became more symbolic of Africa.

read more › Why Product/Data Sheets are important. A good data sheet serves both a marketing and information purpose. Since anyone who is reading a data sheet has already expressed an interest in the product, a printed or digital product sheet should seek to hold the reader's attention by going into detail about the product's functioning. A typical product data sheet opens with textual and graphical information that describes the detailed operation of the product and might also contain paragraphs that describe potential uses of the product.

read more › A recent study by PeakBiety branding + advertising indicated that more than twice as many people respond to a well designed email and 200% more forwarded to a friend compared to a plain text version. Overall, click-throughs from the eblast were responsible for a 387% increase in traffic to our site.

read more › Designing a good web banner for you business. Make sure that the pictures displayed in the banner are relevant to the products/services you are offering on your site. Similarly on a web banner, nothing attracts a visitor more than the word "FREE"! Please make sure that you deliver what you have promised in the banner. If your ad campaign is a brand building exercise, it is advisable to include your logo and a link to your website address.

read more › The first thing that gives a professional touch to any presentation is the design. The biggest mistake people make in designing their own presentation is not being consistent with the page design and layout. The rest of the pages should have a consistent template with the background colors only changing if you want to indicate a switch in focus. Include your logo but keep it small and in one of the corners as a subtle reminder of your company. However keep this change at a minimum and consider them like chapters in a book, keeping all similar content together and focused.

read more › If you have a printer you currently work with and are satisfied with the quality and pricing we will work with them to make sure your project is printed the way it was envisioned and approved. If you do not have a current printer that you work with or are looking for some competitive printing bids, give us a call and we will be happy to quote the printing of your project. If you do not have in-house staff that will take care of making sure your ads get to the right production team, in the right format, and on-time, we can help.

read more › We began working with David in 2006 and have counted on his expertise throughout the years. It's a privilege to have D2 Studios in our advertising arsenal. David has a way of taking our ideas, tweaking them and bringing them to life; whether it be our brochures, print ads or postcards. As far as we are concerned he's part of Taylor Healthcare Products and will always be! David has helped me with design concepts on several high-profile production projects. His work is creative and he brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm which always excites my clients.

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