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When we met several months back with the creative team at Pacific Sky, we knew right off the bat that it was just going to be a good fit. They shared similar values that we had and so we knew but that would be a great partnership. They're just a great team to work with, their fun.

We got to shoot for about a week-long and hang out with them while we are filming are commercials and they just made everything seamless from the beginning from our storyboard meeting to the end, the finished product, everything was just perfect.I would probably say the best thing that Pacific Sky brings, in working with them is their Creative Energy, it was flawless.

We just appreciate so much their attention to detail and everything that they could provide to make our commercials the best possible thing. I would definitely recommend specific sky for any of your advertising commercial marketing needs and they are very good at just getting to know you and what goals that you're trying to achieve. Pacific Sky took our website from a very dated look to a more modern look twice now.

read more › Your brand is competing in a crowded marketplace. We're here to help define who you are and how you stand out in the crowd. To visually define your brand for all print, web, and marketing materials, we want to understand who your customers and clients are, what they are looking for, and how to make your company, business or non-profit the place the go to get it. We'll create a visual brand that compliments your company identity and helps differentiate you from your competitors. We specialize in clean, modern and functional design.

read more › Video is one of the most powerful tools to get your message across. Videos are not just for tv. They are now all over social media and websites to provide beautiful and compelling moving images for a fast moving world. With a full video team on staff, we can take your project from start to finish and format it to play across various platforms. Video is one of the most captivating and popular ways to get your message across. It works on almost every platform and is engaging for customers and clients.

read more › They have this incredible way of making each client feel very special and I truly do believe I am their most favorite client. But again, maybe it's just how everybody feels because that is how they treat us all like we are the most important person that they're working with at that moment at that time. Pacific Sky has been very consistent in laying out the scope of work in such great detail that there is no unknown. There's no uncertainty. We know exactly what we're going to get when we sign the dotted line and I think that is really unique and beyond that Pacific Sky has always offered more in terms of "this is your idea but this is the next level will we can take it".

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