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Strategic partner. A creative chameleon with 30 years in marketing, a passion for branding, a need for results, and an eye for the future. I'm your on-demand solution for powerful marketing. Hit the highlights to see some work. Located in the Washington D.C. Metro area (near Baltimore, Frederick, Hagerstown) Monocle helps clients across the country in multiple industries, including real estate, manufacturing, healthcare, science, energy, retail, infotech, financial, and more.

Find out more about Monocle. Healthcare companies depend on Monocle to elevate their brand, increase loyalty, and explore new revenue channels. Monocle helps introduce innovative product and process technologies to the manufacturing industry.

read more › I've been helping clients increase profits for 30 years with something that never gets old. Powerful marketing. Whether print, web, or word of mouth-reaching customers requires targeted messaging, eye-catching design, persuasive concepts, and authentic branding. Whether you need a simple brochure, a corporate identity, or a full-on, year-long, new product launch, Monocle brings a hard-to-find combination of creative talent, branding intelligence, marketing instinct, and results-oriented business smarts to the table.

read more › This 18 metal stop sign-along with brochure and collateral-was hand-delivered to CIOs of Fortune 500 companies in a custom-printed black box. The GPS premium and navigation theme supported the client's key offering: a single destination for all IT needs. Monocle was responsible for the concept, headlines, design, and illustration.

read more › Shown here are pieces of an early Forenza clothing campaign: our version of Italy's version of American 50s casual wear. It was a washed out blast of graphics, dicuts, vintage newsprint, and hand-drawn type. I was the lead designer: hundreds of signs, tags, labels, and merchandise graphics. Note: not just pre-Monocle, but pre-computer.

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