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I can help you and your company or organziation. My name is Sean Stennett and I design logos, websites and graphics for print. Do you have needs for graphic design Colorado Springs? I have a true passion for great design! It is exciting to me to enhance a brand identity or logo through art and design. I believe in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Making straight forward and honest design allows for a clean aesthetic and functional design. Less is more and I have over 8 years of experience in the professional design industry. I have been employed by Junior Achievement USA, Outreach, Inc. and many clients from small to large businesses and government organizations. Don't take my word for it though, feel free to view my work: logo designs, website designs, and print design portfolio because the proof is in the pudding after all!

read more › Sean Stennett Creative, Inc. was founded in January of 2009. I originally published a website with the intention of promoting my portfolio as a young college graduate with talent and potential. I have worked a couple of different jobs as a prodction designer, but over the years, I have primarily worked as a freelance artist designing logos, websites, and various print projects. I have changed my brand to reflect me as an individual graphic artist and less as a corporate machine. I have recently switched it up and now my company is just me as Sean Stennett Grapic Design Colorado Springs extraordinaire.

read more › I first fell in love with multi-media before I even knew what it was. I would make stop motion lego videos and apply them to school projects. I took a multi-media class and I learned an up and coming program called Adobe Photoshop (version 5.5 at the time). Adobe has grown a lot since then, and so have I. I follow all of the latest design trends and I pay attention to details in the everchanging marketing industry around me. Contact me to get started on your project today!

read more › Do you need a great website design Colorado Springs? I am happy to help clients locally and all over the U.S. I design responsive websites that work great on all devices. I use state of the art technology and content management systems to facilitate the very best website for you. Social media is key these days too, so consider this part of the process. Think of social media like a drag net cast across the entire internet. The more social media, blogs, and content about your company online, the bigger the net becomes.

read more › Are you in need of a Logo design Colorado Springs, planet Earth? I design carefully crafted logos through good old fashioned hard work and careful refinement. Logo/brand designs create an intentional feeling, mood, and style. This is translated with artistic ability and a careful thought process based on a well researched target market and competitive analysis. If successful, the brand will shine and communicate well to its target market. The viewer makes up their mind in seconds whether this is aesthetically pleasing, an eyesore, or just something ordinary.

read more › When something is professionally designed, anyone can tell. I care so I provide quality Colorado Springs graphic design! Pristine print/design campaigns go a long way in todays market place, and amateur design is disregarded. A good print campain will attract your audience with a good deal, or maybe even something discounted, or free. The message is brief, to the point, and powerful. A call to action is established, and your customers come running to you! When you need print design contact me. Let's get your customers in the door, asking for more!

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