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You pick and choose your business battles daily based on priority of need. You often feel like a firefighter, rushing from one hot spot to another, while your all-important marketing presence and brand identity take a back seat to production and customer service. There's simply not enough time in your day to cover all bases! That's where I come in.

Check out my services and get something off your desk today! Specializing in the marketing needs of small- to mid-sized businesses, whether you're competing in a local or global market. Do your current marketing materials reflect how your business has changed? Are your marketing efforts capturing the attention of your desired audience? If you haven't updated your marketing presence in the past year, the correct answer is, "Not likely."

Your customers are bombarded with countless options for spending their hard-earned dollar, so you must work extra hard to stand out in today's dreary economy and crowded marketplace. Likewise, your non-profit has to work double time to capture deserved attention in a choked economy.

read more › What I love most about my job is the diversity in clients and the diversity in projects. Each new client, each new project, brings with it the promise of a successful new creation, a fabulous new learning experience and a cherished new business relationship. Perhaps the best way I can benefit you is through my natural eye and impeccable ability to incorporate photography and graphic design into my writing and copywriting assignments for high-quality, visually-appealing, results-oriented content sure to capture the attention of your target audience.

read more › I've had the pleasure of writing for and about a highly diverse array of companies and organizations-as a staffer and a freelancer-across a wide array of industries. Projects run the gamut, from print collateral to Web content to PowerPoint presentations to tradeshow booth graphics. Just like you, my clients are generally small- to mid-sized businesses working diligently to raise awareness, introduce products, increase sales and set themselves apart in a competitive market. Like you, the majority of my clients do not have an in-house marketing department to meet their business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing needs.

read more › Here you'll find a tiny sampling of my work from various projects and publications. I'm not sure there's a server on the Web that can hold my entire, 17-year portfolio (I can barely carry my traditional portfolio anymore!), but if you're interested in seeing something specific, please check out my Portfolio Gallery. Feel free to e-mail me if you don't see what you're looking for related to a specific client. Thanks for looking! Launched the section in 1996. Profiled over 200 businesses in a two-year period for Network Newspaper Advertising's Business & Industry ad/features section in the Rocky Mountain News.

read more › Ask and you shall receive! Remember, this is just a tiny taste of what I can create for you. While these samples are all related to aviation and transportation, different business and organization types can be seen in Portfolio Gallery II and Portfolio Gallery III. Check out the Services page for a complete listing of the types of materials and content I can produce for you!

read more › If you have a few moments, take a look at a small sampling of the types of things I can do for you. If desired, you can expand each portfolio image to see a larger view and to read the project specs. While the samples in Portfolio Gallery I are all aviation-related, different business and organization types can be seen here and at Portfolio Gallery III. Check out the Services page for a complete listing of the types of materials and content I can produce for you!

read more › People say the nicest things! And because I live and thrive on new, repeat and referral business, I am grateful for the valuable feedback I receive. It is my hope that you will allow me the opportunity to earn your warm fuzzy, too! MaryJo helped launch a new program involving promotional editorial and photos for clients who ran in my section in The Rocky Mountain News. She tackled client assignments aggressively and effectively, providing well-written editorial and photography. You've always represented us well and contributed greatly to our clients' overall satisfaction.

read more › I am a writer, copywriter, editor, photographer, graphic designer, business entrepreneur, small-business owner, independent publisher and more. I have 17 years of marketing and publishing experience- both "in the trenches" and on the management side-for private clients, companies and associations; books; magazines; and newspapers. With a thorough working knowledge of the promotional, printing and publishing processes, the creative initiative needed to conceptualize new products and promotional tools, I possess the skills and tools needed to work successfully as an outside independent.

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