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At TM Design our primary purpose is to persuade your audience to say "yes" to your messages. Located in Denver, our graphic design firm works with businesses and independent professionals to create visually persuasive communications; from brand identity and marketing brochures to direct mail and websites. Getting to "yes" isn't easy in our over-communicated world.

But it can be done, by making your excellence visible to prospects, clients, employees and other stakeholders. Since 1986, TM Design has worked on literally thousands of graphic design projects, helping clients develop successful brands and persuasive marketing communications. We can do the same for you. Please browse this website for detailed information about our services, our past work, and what you can expect.

read more › Graphic design is at the core of our services. In the 1950s Thomas Watson of IBM famously said, "Good design is good business." We couldn't agree more. Good design has the power to define your company's brand, helping to differentiate you from your competitors and earn the trust of clients and employees alike. In fact, Watson acknowledged that good design helped IBM look more successful than it actually was. That's quite an endorsement for the power of design. Below are a few simple truths that guide us in our tasks as we seek to help our clients hear "yes" more often.

read more › With a BA in Psychology from the University of Maine and well-tread experience as a door to door salesman in college, Mike has learned a thing or two about persuasion. Co-founder of TM Design with Tammy Miller in 1986, Mike's hybrid skills have helped secure established and respected companies, locally and nationally. Graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from Colorado State University in 1981, co-founder Tammy Miller is one of the key developers behind the look and feel of TM Design. Originally concentrating on art direction and illustration, she now focuses on project management, estimating and accounting.

read more › TM Design works with two types of clients. Nearly half are small businesses and independent professionals (including start-ups) who are good at what they do, but struggle to attract clients. They have limited time and expertise when it comes to branding and marketing activities. The remainder of our clients are typically large organizations, firmly established and professionally branded. They come to TM Design when they need outsourced help with graphic design projects that cannot be handled by their current marketing agency or in-house design staff.

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